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MODFLOWwin32 has all the features of other MODFLOW versions including the newest packages added over the years since MODFLOW's original release by the USGS. These new packages include the Stream Routing Package, Aquifer Compaction Package, Horizontal Flow Barrier Package, BCF2 and BCF3 Packages, and the new PCG2 solver. In addition, MODFLOWwin32 will create files for use with MODPATH (particle-tracking model) and MT3D (solute transport model). MODFLOWwin32, as its name implies, is a 32-bit program designed to address all the memory available to Windows. MODFLOWwin32 will run in all versions of Windows including Version 3.1, 3.11, Windows 95, and Windows NT.


MODFLOWwin32 is a true Windows program, not just a DOS program that will run in a Windows DOS box. A comprehensive contouring program, CONTOURwin32, is included with MODFLOWwin32 to provide for postprocessing of MODFLOW simulation results. Both head and drawdown may be contoured for any time-step, stress period, or layer. You may also overlay a base map in WinFlow, QuickFlow, ModelCad, and DXF formats. Particle-tracking results from MODPATH (not included with MODFLOWwin32) may also be displayed on the contour maps. In addition, the finite-difference grid may be plotted over the contours.

MODFLOWwin32 does not include any preprocessing software; however, you may purchase Groundwater Vistas preprocessing software at a special price when you also buy MODFLOWwin32. The cost of MODFLOWwin32 bundled with Groundwater Vistas is about the least expensive and most sophisticated numerical modeling system on the market today.


MODFLOWwin32 is a complete version of MODFLOW, the popular groundwater flow model originally developed by the USGS. MODFLOW is a 3D finite-difference groundwater flow model and there are many versions available. Unlike MODFLOW versions from other vendors, however, MODFLOWwin32 was developed specifically for Microsoft Windows (Win32s) and Windows NT. Using a unique technology, MODFLOWwin32 runs as a DLL which is controlled by a shell program or by CONTOURwin32 which is provided with MODFLOWwin32.

MODFLOWwin32 contains all of the popular add-on packages (BCF2, BCF3, PCG2, HFB, Compaction, Stream Routing) and is a 32-bit program utilizing all available memory. CONTOURwin32 is a postprocessor for contouring MODFLOW results and displaying particle trace pathlines computed by MODPATH.


The following are a list of capabilities for this unique software combination.

  • MODFLOWwin32 runs 10 to 20 percent faster than other versions of MODFLOW for DOS
  • MODFLOWwin32 contains the BCF2, BCF3, PCG2, STREAM Routing, and Aquifer Compaction Packages
  • User interface organizes file names and allows user to "abort" the simulation or force convergence when the solution oscillates
  • Uses all memory available to Windows including virtual memory
  • Runs as a 32-bit DLL in Windows V3.1+, Windows NT, and Windows 95
  • Reads files created by all popular MODFLOW preprocessors
  • All MODFLOW manuals have been reformatted as Windows Help files
  • Provides several user-selectable levels of multitasking, even under Windows V3.1
  • Iteration data displayed as MODFLOW runs


  • Included with MODFLOWwin32
  • Displays contours of head and drawdown for any layer and subregions within the model
  • Overlay base maps in DXF, ModelCad, or WinFlow format
  • Contour head and drawdown while MODFLOWwin32 is running
  • WYSIWYG printing with print preview and user-defined margins to any Windows device
  • Export contour maps in Spyglass, Geosoft, SURFER, DXF, and Windows Metafile formats
  • Displays particle traces from MODPATH
  • Displays finite-difference grid
  • Annotate maps with scale bar, titles, arrows and travel times on particle traces
  • Computes calibration target statistics and post residuals (errors) on map

MODFLOWwin32 Requirements: 486/Pentium running Microsoft Windows and 8 MB RAM.

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