OLE Capable Mohr-Coulomb Failure Analysis and Graphing for
Windows 95/98/NT

MohrView allows you to produce professional quality, highly customized graphs of Mohr circles and Coulomb failure envelopes. MohrView also calculates many different parameters associated with the plot.

MohrView Features

MohrView Calculations:

MohrView Screen Shots

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MohrView plots Mohr circles and Coulomb failure envelopes. MohrView calculates and plots other features such as principal stresses, stresses at failure, obliquity angle, resultant stress, and the critical angle.  (15599 bytes)

You can embed MohrView plots in OLE container applications such as Microsoft Excel (shown here), other Microsoft Office applications, Corel Word Perfect Suite, and many other products. This screen also shows a single failure envelope for multiple Mohr circles. (25916 bytes)

MohrView supports full printing and print preview with choice of page margins, headers, footers, and graph borders. (14963 bytes)

MohrView allows you to plot a plane oriented to the principal stresses. Then calculate the pole stresses and the normal and shear stresses on that plane.   (15058 bytes)

MohrView accommodates both negative and positive normal stresses. This  diagram shows a plot of major and minor stresses as well as intermediate principal  stress. (14961 bytes)

Shown in this diagram is a Mohr circle and Coulomb failure envelope. MohrView calculates and displays the normal and shear stresses at failure. (15307 bytes)

MohrView can calculate and display Coulomb failure envelopes for multiple samples. Shown here are Mohr circles and Coulomb failure envelopes for a clay and a sand sample. (15370 bytes)