OTTER - Dynamic modelling of water treatment plants

OTTER is a unique modelling tool designed to dynamically simulate the performance of water treatment plants. It can be used to predict individual treatment processes of the whole treatment plant. OTTER enables process engineers and plant operators to optimise the response of a plant to changes in the water demand, raw water quality and process operating conditions.

Using OTTER can help you to:


OTTER contains the following features which make it the most powerful water treatment simulator available:

Users of OTTER are located all over the world. The software is used by the majority of the UK waster utilities, a range of international consultancies and municipalities in the USA and Europe.

As part of a leading family of process simulation models develped by WRc for the water industry, including STOAT and Plan-It STOAT, OTTER users benefit from a dedicated team of developers and support engineers.

By using OTTER, a wide range of possible water quality and treatment events can be studied without needing to wait for them to happen in real life. This enables designers to be more confident that their plant will meet targets under all operating conditions, and plant operators to put strategies into place for handling such events.The software contains models for the following processes:

Over 50 water quality parameters are simulated including:

OTTER has been designed to have a simple to use interface with "drag and drop" process icons to create a plant model and data entry via spreadsheets and list boxes. Results can be shown for water quality at any point through the plant and for individual processes while the results being available as the simulation progresses or at end of run.

A recent case study indicated that up to 20% of the process energy cost could be saved by operating the processes more effectively. OTTER can be used to identify and achieve these savings. OTTER has also been used as a key element of an AWWARF project studying links between catchment management and treatability of water.

OTTER can be used to predict the formation and removal of disinfection by-products during water treatment. The software can help plant operators to investigate strategies for compliance with regulations such as the disinfection by-products rule and the enhanced surface water treatment rule.

The models have been developed based on work by WRc, recognised as world leaders in the water treatment field, and on papers published by renowned experts. The models can be calibrated to give a close fit to individual treatment plant data, and validation exercises have shown that the OTTER models are extremely accurate at predicting plant performance.

Supported Operating Systems

OTTER Version 2.0 is currently available, running under IBM-PC compatible computers and Microsoft Windows and NT operating systems. OTTER is the only whole-works model that runs under this range of windows systems. A datasheet specifying the full hardware requirements is available from WRc Processes.