PAM - Pollutant/Air Modeling Software

Who's PAM?

The Pollutant/Air Modeling software (PAM) is a unique tool that predicts potential future exceedances of air emissions permits. PAM helps managers uncover future exceedances of air emissions permits before they happen, so that corrective actions can be taken and future noncompliance situations can be avoided.

For many organizations and facilities, the complexities of calculating air emissions from process units is substantial. As a result, many organizations go through the calculation process once per year. Unfortunately, by then any exceedances of air emissions permits have already happened and must be reported. PAM simplifies and automates the calculation of air emissions, enabling managers to calculate actual air emissions on a regular basis throughout the year. PAM also enables managers to predict future emissions based on planned future operating schedules or by extrapolating year-to-date emissions.

Like all predictive models, PAM uses certain simplifying assumptions. These assumptions make the software easy to use and conceptually simple to understand; a technical background in air pollution or process engineering is not required to make the most of the software. These assumptions also make PAM most applicable to processes that emit primarily volatile organic compounds (VOC's).

PAM Features

PAM's main features include the following: [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]


  • Avoids potential permit exceedances
  • Saves time when calculating air emissions
  • Simplifies air emission calculation and permit compliance tracking

Who Uses PAM?

  • Environmental Managers
  • Operations Managers

Questions Answered, Reports Generated

Good data management software enables users to quickly get answers to questions that are complicated and/or time-consuming to answer. PAM provides click-of-a-button answers to a variety of questions, including the following:

PAM also provides click-of-a-button reporting capabilities to generate a variety of reports, including the following:

System Requirements

PAM is a standalone Windows software application. Minimum system configuration is as follows:

  • 486 or above processor
  • Windows 95, 98, or NT (Windows 3.1 works, but is not recommended)
  • 16 MB RAM
  • 5 megabytes of available hard disk space
  • Color monitor (preferred)