Petro Spase


Really See Your Data with Petro Spase!



Petro Spase consists of software to manage petroleum exploration and production data. It is made up of several modules which manage base map and well data, seismic data, lease ownership information, and well log cross sections. Our clients use Petro Spase by importing their data from industry vendors such as Petroleum Information/Dwights (or one of the many other vendors which we support), correcting or updating that data, and then creating printed maps which they use in their exploration program.


Well Data - You can store well locations in various survey formats: Township-Range, Texas, Northeast US and Offshore/International. You can view your wells in map or list view. Formation tops, DSTs, cores and other data can be stored, edited and displayed. Data for a well can be called up by double-clicking on a map or list. Wells can be selected based on any criteria, and then selections shown on the map.

Seismic Data - Seismic location and interpretation data can be digitized or imported from vendors or other programs. Lines, shot points and Z values (times or depths) can be shown on maps with different display parameters for each line together with well tops and other data. Time-to-depth and bulk shift capabilities are included along with the ability to output XYZ files for contouring.


Culture Data - With Petro Spase you can import, store and plot any kind of line and text data including political boundaries, ownership, hydrography, and transportation. You can import data from many different commercial and government sources or digitize it from hard copy maps. You can create your own map data types, store them, and display them in the way which is most useful to you!

Production Data - Petro Spase provides powerful tools for working with monthly and cumulative production data. You can import well and production history data from vendors like Dwights and Petroleum Information, edit the data, and display it as lists, production history plots, and bubble maps. You can analyze production by relating it to any other data in your database.


Cross Sections - Petro Spase 2.0 adds the capability to interactively select wells from your base maps to generate a geologic cross section. You can create either structural or stratigraphic cross sections and display digitized well log traces, formation tops, drill stem tests, and core and perforation intervals along with your geologic interpretation, and then output the finished section to your printer or plotter

Powerful Script Language - Petro Spase includes the powerful Spase script language so you can customize and extend your copy of Petro to give you even more of a competitive advantage. You can easily write routines to select just the data you want to see, import some specific kind of data, or create just the map you need. You can even change the data model and menus to fit your particular database management needs!


Petro Spase is the data access tool to help geoscientists and engineers solve many of the problems encountered in managing the world of digital data available today. Petro Spase is a Microsoft Windows program and can easily be integrated with existing productivity tools such as the spreadsheets, word processors, and non-spatial database managers you are already using. Petro Spase can also be used with other oil and gas software packages for contouring, seismic interpretation, petrophysics, etc. Petro Spase comes with easy-to-use import routines for data from vendors including Petroleum Information, Dwights, Graphics Information, Tobin, and the U.S. Geological Survey, among others. It also allows you to enter your data by hand or import it from existing files. It's easy to edit your data and display it in the way that works best for you. Compare Petro Spase to products which appear similar but cost thousands of dollars more, and the choice will be clear - Petro Spase is by far the most powerful and flexible petroleum database manager available.