PIPE-FLOŽ Compressible

The best compressible program on the market, simply because it works! PIPE-FLO Compressible is fluid flow software to design, analyze, and troubleshoot piping networks used in process and industrial gas systems. PIPE-FLO Compressible incorporates a powerful genetic algorithm plus four additional mathematical methods to calculate the pressures and flow rates in compressible piping systems.

  • Draw your system using a flow sheet format with no size limits
  • Design pipelines using pipe, valve, and fluid electronic data tables
  • Visualize how different pipelines, components, pumps and controls work as a system
  • Calculate the pressures and flow rates using advanced compressible gas solution techniques
  • Troubleshoot the system to identify, isolate and correct problem areas

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"We have used PIPE-FLO Compressible on some very complex emergency relief header systems. The program has saved us countless hours in sizing and verification of multiple emergency relief scenarios, and the accuracy of the analysis is much better than our previous methods. We can now do a very thorough analysis in less time than ever before. Also, since we currently use PIPE-FLO Professional, we were able to integrate the two programs together for all our hydraulic analysis needs."

William O. Green, P.E., Senior Vice President,
Industrial Process Division of RMH Group, Inc.

With the PIPE-FLO Compressible you can:

Design - With No Program Size Limits! The FLO-Sheet enables you to draw your system with easy to use CAD-like drawing tools in a familiar flow sheet format. To adjust pipelines, compressors, blowers, and components, just point, click and make virtually any change! Pressures and flow rates that exceed your pre-defined limits are highlighted on the FLO-Sheet to call your attention to potential problems. In addition to the big picture view you can use the pan and zoom features to focus in on the smaller details.

Analyze - See How the Pieces Work Together!  PIPE-FLO Compressible shows how different components work within your new or existing piping system, allowing you to visualize how your system will operate. Using manufacturers' catalogs on disk you'll be able to choose the best control valve for your system.

Troubleshoot - Evaluate the Entire System!  When troubleshooting a piping project, you must have the power to look at the entire system in order to identify and isolate the problem areas. Unlike other piping design programs on the market today, PIPE-FLO Compressible gives you the power to evaluate the operation of your entire system, including compressors, blowers, control valves and other components. The program identifies areas of your system where choking is occurring.