Tool bar - PUMP-FLO v.6 includes tool bar buttons and context menus to streamline program operation
  Tool tips - provide information on the purpose of a tool button
  Fly-by viewer - displays information about menu items, program status, and graph information
  Online help - interactive tutorial and context sensitive help from within the program
  Motor sizing - sizes motor for pumping application
  Import resistance curve - from PIPE-FLO Lite and PIPE-FLO programs (available separately)
  Print catalog information - technical information can be printed from electronic catalog

Enhanced Pump Curves

  Iso-efficiency curves - show the pumpís efficiency for a range of impeller diameters
  Multiple system curves - display up to 5 resistance curves at one time
  Multiple pump curves - see the operation of multiple pumps in your system
  Evaluate any pump - user curves let you enter the performance data for any centrifugal pump
  More printed reports - many new print options let you customized your report

Expanded Pump Selection List

  More information - up to 22 items of information available on the selection list
  More sort options - can sort the selection list on any column
  Customize selection list - change column width, and choose the columns to display