Plan-it STOAT

Plan-It STOAT - A new and unique tool for rapid evaluation of wastewater treatment plant design

What is Plan-It STOAT?

Plan-It STOAT is an easy to use, Windows™ based, planning level software manual that is used to evaluate wastewater and water reclamation treatment process options. The model allows a user to prepare a preliminary hydraulic design so that plant pumping and elevation requirements can be established. The model also quickly calculates unit process sizes (area and volume), chemical and power requirements, estimates annual and capital costs based on user supplied cost input, and generates output files that are compatible with other computer models. Given unit process sizes, the model quickly calculates effluent quality.

Plan-It STOAT has three closely interrelated, operational modes:

Process Calculations (mass balance)

The first mode performs steady-state estimates of process performance given unit process sizes; or conversely, calculates preliminary unit process sizing given specific influent characteristics and desired effluent conditions. Plan-It STOAT does the basic process calculations, and calculates flow and mass balances on the treatment process.

The following processes are supported with-in Plan-it STOAT

Hydraulic Calculations

The second mode allows the user to define the sequence of hydraulic elements in the liquid treatment train, from which Plan-It STOAT prepares a preliminary hydraulic profile.

The following hydraulic elements are supported within Plan-it STOAT:

Site Plan (Footprint)

The third mode presents an interactive site plan worksheet. A user inputs an existing site plan or aerial photograph for use as a base, onto which Plan-It STOAT overlays proportionally sized geometric shapes, representing each treatment process. The user can move the processes on the site plan, to assess the fit of each design option.

On-line Reference Book

Plan-it STOAT contains the complete text of "Theory and Practice of Water and Wastewater Treatment", by Ronald L Droste and published by Wileys.

Supported Operating Systems

Plan-it STOAT Version 1.0 is currently available, running under IBM-PC compatible computers and Microsoft Windows and NT operating systems. STOAT is the only whole-works model that runs under this range of windows systems. A datasheet specifying the full hardware requirements is available from WRc Processes.