Process Advisor

Process Advisor is a software package for real time simulation, analysis and control of the biological wastewater treatment process. Process Advisor provides you with a complete set of tools for analysis and control of the treatment process, including tools for:

Process Simulation
State Estimation
Parameters Identification
Process Control

Process Advisor provides you with extensive information on the treatment process state. This information can be used for predicting process 
changes. You can also research how changes of process parameters influence the quality of activated sludge. 

Want to see what it looks like? Take a look at the following screenshots (click on the small image to see a full-size version):


More Information

Improved performance of the treatment process does not always require an increase in size and complexity of the treatment plant. The treatment process quality can be improved if more is known on the treatment process state. Process Advisor provides you with this knowledge. It visualizes the unobservable processes, providing you with all the information you need for successful control of the process.

Process Advisor can be used in research, in teaching/training, and in industrial environments.

Key Benefits

Researchers: Get more results in your wastewater treatment research projects by using Process Advisor as a modeling tool. Process Advisor also comes with a complete and detailed description of the models it is built on, so you can put our knowledge in modeling and control to work for you.

Consultants: Improve the quality of your optimization and design studies by using Process Advisor as a modeling tool. Accelerate operator training.

Plant operators: Cut costs and improve wastewater treatment process quality by using Process Advisor to predict the effects that changes in a treatment plant's operating conditions will have.

Lecturers: Using Process Advisor in the teaching process can help you to make your lectures more vivid and your exercises more interesting.

Key Features

Uses large-scale aeration basin model. Process Advisor can analyze and control the treatment process in local areas, taking into account the fact that the full-scale aeration basin is rarely homogenous. Analysis and control of the completely mixed aeration tank are also supported.

Numerous processes are available for analysis and control. Start Simulation to view model calculations of observable and unobservable processes. Run Simulation And Estimation to visualize processes like biomass concentration, organic matter concentration in wastewater and treated water, etc. Choose from more than 20 control algorithms, including sludge load control, sludge loading control, sludge age control, sludge concentration control, and organic matter concentration control. Identify the best model parameters by using any of three Identification methods (manual, automatic or gradient). Analyze data recorded on real treatment plant. The choice is yours!

Use your own data. You can use your own-recorded data with Process Advisor to analyze your process (Recorded Data Analyses) and find out the best model parameters (Identification).

Fully configurable. You can customize many aspects of processes like number of measurement points, the size of aeration basin, the size of settler, and much, much more!

Highly visual. Almost all characteristics of every process are available as charts, which are drawn in real time, without stopping the process.

Easy to use. Wizards help you to set up the more complex processes. Comprehensive online Help is available for every aspect of Process Advisor.

Real-time Data Analysis also available. This feature can be used for real-time analyses and control of process running on real treatment plant. (Requires Realtime Module, available separately in selected areas).

What's New in Version 1.6

Improved user interface. Now features Quick Launch Window and more!
Updated calculation models. Settler is now more precise.
New Identification Wizard. Makes finding best model parameters easier.
Possibility to directly edit model parameters.
Updated Process Control Wizard.
Support for sludge removal from aerator.
Instant Purchase option. Enter unlock code, and you have the full version!
'Snappier' user interface. Data and History windows appear much faster.
Flat toolbars. These give Process Advisor a more modern look.
Decreased demand for resources. Requires less RAM and disk space to run.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Software (OS) Required Hardware Recommended Hardware
Windows 95 or
Windows 98 or
Windows NT 4
Pentium/75 CPU
10 MB of hard disk space
Video card capable of 800x600
resolution in 8-bit color
Pentium/133 or faster CPU
20 MB of hard disk space
Video card capable of 1024x768
resolution in 16-bit color