Regulatory and Investigative Treatment Zone Model

RITZ is a menu-driven U.S. EPA model which permits decision makers to simulate the movement and fate of hazardous chemicals during land treatment of oily wastes. The model incorporates the influence of oil in sludge, water movement, volatilization, and degradation upon the transport and fate of a hazardous chemical. Soil water content is related to hydraulic conductivity by the Clapp and Hornberger function. Features include interactive data entry and both graphical and tabular output.


The Regulatory and Investigative Treatment Zone Model, RITZ, was developed to help decision makers systematically estimate the movement and fate of hazardous chemicals during land treatment of oily wastes. The model considers the downward movement of the pollutant with the soil solution, volatilization and loss to the atmosphere, and degradation. The model incorporates the influence of oil upon the transport and fate of the pollutant. This RITZ model forms the basis of this interactive software system. The software enables users to conveniently enter the required soil, chemical, environmental, and management parameters and checks the validity of these entries. The user may then select graphical and tabular outputs of the quantities of interest.


A land treatment site is illustrated below. The treatment site consists of two soil layers called the plow zone and the treatment zone. The sludge (waste material) containing oil and pollutant is applied to the plow zone. It is thoroughly mixed with the soil in that layer. As time passes the pollutant and oil are degraded. Some of the pollutant is carried down through the soil with percolating water. Some of the pollutant is volatilized and moves into the air above the treatment site.


The following assumptions were made in developing this model: The model presents results for the specific parameters entered without any measure of uncertainty in the calculated values. The user is encouraged to compare results for a series of simulations using parameters in the expected ranges for the site to obtain an estimate of this uncertainty. For example, if the site contains two soil layers, the user may want to run the simulation twice, once for the soil properties of each layer.


The RITZ program is menu driven. The data, including soil parameters, properties of the pollutant and oil, and environmental and management parameters, is entered using a series of data entry screens. The input data includes:

Soil Properties

Oil and Pollutant Properties

Operational and Environmental Factors




RITZ includes the executable and source codes and technical support. The RITZ Report/Doc is not included.

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