RMP View is designed to help you easily prepare an effective Risk Management Plan that meets all the requirements of the 112(r) Risk Management Program. RMP View guides you through the analysis of off site consequences of accidental releases of substances regulated under section 112(r) of the Clean Air Act.

RMP View is the easiest way to meet all the requirements of the 112(r) Risk Management Program!

Some of the many features you will find in RMP View include:

  • Guidance wizards take you step-by-step through preparing your Risk Management Plan saving you time and increasing productivity.
  • Report-ready output is provided with the option for electronic submission for fast and easy submittal of your Risk Management plan to the EPA.
  • RMP View gives you control over Inventory Management and Process Identification.
  • Program level applicability, emergency response and accident history are all easily produced in RMP View.
  • Worst-case and alternative release scenarios are easily prepared along with automatic calculation of toxic endpoints.
  • The program checks valid ranges for all entry fields which will help save you time by preventing incorrect entries.
  • Interfaces with SLAB View allow for modeling results to be seamlessly integrated into your Risk Management Plan. Ideal for Off site Consequence Analysis!
  • RMP View comes with an extensive database of toxic materials that will save you time and make your modeling project easier.
  • The graphical output capabilities of RMP View can help you create impressive presentations of your model results. Visualize the affected area by importing site maps in a variety of file formats.
  • Context-sensitive "Help that really helps" which includes status bar tips and full-blown on-line Help.
  • RMP View User Guide uses pictures and graphical information to assist you in quickly grasping the manual's contents.

RMP View comes with a one year of free upgrades and one year of technical support. You will be able to perform like an expert in no time!

Requirements: 486/Pentium with at least 8 MB of available hard disk space and 8 MB of RAM. Windows 3.1/95/NT.