Realtime Module
Realtime Module is add-on module for Process Advisor. It allows Process Advisor to be connected to a real wastewater treatment plant. Realtime Module activates two new menu choices on Process Advisor: Realtime Data Analyses and Realtime Control. These choices do exactly the same things as their offline-versions Recorded Data Analyses and Control do - they analyze or control the treatment process. The only difference is that they use real process data instead of simulated data. Everything that's available in offline-versions is available in realtime-versions in real time. The following figure shows how the treatment system can be implemented.

This is how the system works: The plant computer reads measured data from sensors and sends it through direct cable connection (COM ports) to a computer where Process Advisor is running in realtime mode (analysis computer). On analysis computer, various unobservable processes are made visible. If Process Advisor is in analysis mode (Realtime Data Analysis menu option), it then waits for the next set of samples to arrive. In control mode Process Advisor attempts to stabilize the treatment process at references set by plant operator. Based on measurement data, it generates controls (optimal flows) and sends it back to plant computer, which then adjusts flows accordingly.

To see Realtime Module in action, check out this screenshot.

Key Benefits

With Process Advisor + Realtime Module you always know the current state of the treatment plant. This leads to improved control of the plant, which allows the plant to handle high loading without sacrificing treatment process quality. This leads to big savings as software is always vastly less expensive than increasing the dimension of existing plant.

Knowledge of the current state of the treatment process greatly simplifies the difficult job of running the plant (no more "blind driving"). It also helps to improve the treatment process quality and reduces the time required to recover the treatment process when it goes unstable (better yet, with Realtime Module you might be able to avoid this situation altogether).

You also benefit from Process Advisor + Realtime Module when you're about to implement nitrification and/or phosphorous removal on existing plant. It is very important to keep the carbon removal process under tight control before implementing other, more sensitive processes.

Key Features

Various treatment process characteristics available in real time. View the current state of the process (including unobservable characteristics) or scroll back and see what the process was up to a week ago.

Relatively easy to implement. If all equipment is available, just set up the plant computer to send measurements data to COM port on regular intervals (either 2, 3 or 6 minutes), connect plant computer and analysis computer and you have state-of-the-art analysis and diagnostics system!

Automatic control mode also available. In this mode the treatment plant can be run unattended, since Process Advisor takes care of stabilizing the treatment process at references set by plant operator.

Warns you if any of the measurements goes out of range. You can set Process Advisor to warn you if any of the measurements goes out of the range you specify.

Robust and stable. Process Advisor is able to detect if one or more of the sensors fail and continue operating by ignoring these sensors.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Software Hardware
Process Advisor 1.2 or later Process Advisor requirements PLUS:
The sensors listed in the figure*
A plant computer that sends measurements data
(data format is agreed individually in each case)
Two available COM ports on both computers
(only one required in analysis mode)

* It is still possible to run Process Advisor if some types of the sensors are missing. Please contact us for details.

Pricing and Availability

Realtime Module for Process Advisor is available now. Pricing depends on what changes have to be made to Realtime Module to render it compatible with your plant and what support options you would like. Please contact us for details.