A Program to Model Complex Networks

Sanitary Sewers models complex networks in full or partial flow conditions. It has full design capabilities that size pipes, set inverted elevations for gravity lines and hydraulically model lift stations with multiple pumps. Specify design flows through land use analysis and/or by user-defined flows including infiltration rates and peak flow factors. Model new or existing sewer systems and compute the hydraulic grade line for each.

New Enhancements

Network Manager

If you need to evaluate multiple sewer networks in one project, Sanitary Sewers takes care of your needs. Sanitary Sewers has full analysis and design capabilities. You can determine the shortcomings in existing networks or let Sanitary Sewers automatically size pipes for new networks.

Hydraulic Grade Line Calculation

Non-uniform and uniform flow analysis methods are available for Hydraulic Grade Line calculations.
Manning's Equation is used for determining friction losses.
Up to 2,000 sewer lines can be input and evaluated per network under partial, full or surcharged flow conditions.
Account for junction losses at manholes and friction slope averages using several methods.

Managing Networks

Easily add new sections of pipe networks to existing systems and perform analysis and design at the same time.
Insert new lines and/or remove old lines while allowing the entire network to update or stay static.
Define design constraints to meet your exacting standards.
You can customize the pipe sizes used in your network to force the calculations not to use certain sizes.
A minimum velocity requirement insures that your network flows at your desired rate, while the minimum depth of cover requirement controls elevations of your inverts or crowns. Sanitary Sewers is intelligent enough to tell you when one condition would violate the other and lets you specify which one controls.
Extract ground profiles for rim elevations and cover calculations from a Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) created by Surface Modeling or import an ASCII file created by a spreadsheet, database program or text editor.
Graphically stretch your pipe network to move an inlet to a new location and have the pipe network dynamically relink itself to the inlet. All of the network annotation also updates as the network is modified.
Use Sanitary Sewer's global editing capability to change dozens of network parameters in one step.

Pump Stations

Create your own pump performance curves for any condition.
Up to 3 pumps per force main can be handled.
You can set the pump on/off elevations for each pump in a station.
Easily account for discharge piping losses.
The system operating points are computed as required.
Automatic modified pump curves for head losses are available for up to 3 pumps.

Design Flows

Land use analysis or user-defined flows including infiltration rates, peak flow factors and variable peak factors are available to set your design flows.

Plan and Profile Sheets

Sanitary Sewers has hundreds of settings built into the Plan and Profile Sheet Generator to allow you to customize sheets according to your own specifications.
Define your sheets by specifying the design reach, or by defining a reference alignment to base stationing and offsets on.
After your sheets have been created, you can perform on-screen sheet adjustments to move your plan view up or down, move your profile up or down, move the entire sheet left or right and rotate your plan.
Easily have your sheet border appear on every sheet you make.
Create plan only, profile only or profile over plan sheets. A custom setup area opens the create options to customize nearly everything about how your sheets are created.


Create fully customizable output reports.
Several preset input and output reports are available to provide information to your clients.


486/Pentium with 4 MB RAM and AutoCAD R12 or higher.

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