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Unmatched capabilities for wastewater training, operations and engineering...
Introducing SASSPro V2

Optimized screen layout for instant analysis
Optimized screen layout

Investigate secondary settler optimization Analyze clarifier performance

Built in QuickStart, QuickDesign and QuickCal Wizards Built in Wizards

Overlay sensitivity plots in seconds Plot sensitivities in seconds
Analyze your plant performance over 12 months Plot effluents over 12 months
Live data cursor for instant readout Powerful graphing options

Over 150 pages of activated sludge technology training included with SASS Pro purchase
Wastewater training material included

What SASSPro users say...

Your program is just super for showing what effect return rates of MLSS and RS has on the nitrogen removal and the other wastewater variables. - plant operator

...very user-friendly and is sure to be extremely popular with plant operators and process designers... - design engineer

The clarifier assessment tool is excellent... - plant operator

No one supplying or operating plants should be without your program, it is like the 'Windows' of wastewater treatment. - plant designer

Excellent - great for process control - municipal engineer

...for training purposes, simply the best on the market...deceptively simple to use. - university lecturer


SASSPro V2 - New Release

SASSPro V2 is a powerful activated sludge process simulator - optimized for:

  • plant design evaluations,
  • plant process optimization,
  • operations staff training,
  • wastewater research, and
  • classroom teaching purposes.

SASSPro V2 is the latest release of the popular SASSPro series, used by leading engineering firms, municipal authorities, environmental agencies and training organizations. SASSPro V2ís design, ease of use and low cost sets a new benchmark in wastewater process software.

Wastewater treatment requirements - a moving target
Nowadays, erratic weather seasons, unanticipated population dynamics and sudden industry rationalizations can be the norm rather than the exception. As are social and environmental policy changes on recycling, graywater, water re-use, disinfection, land use and waste disposal.

Not to mention... ever-changing industrial processing requirements and plant discharge limits. These are all factors that can affect influent characteristics, plant loadings, operation, performance, compliance and running costs.

In these days of increasing industry legislation and scrutiny, the need to plan, evaluate, audit and optimize plant performance throughout the year means process simulation software is now becoming an essential tool for wastewater treatment plants, large and small.

Make SASSPro V2 your first choice! Set up your plant in minutes and analyze process changes in seconds - using an industry proven process simulator with an unmatched range of productivity tools and diagnostics.

SASSPro V2 requires no lengthy user training courses and is a fraction the cost of top-end process simulators. And, if you need help setting up your process simulations - expert assistance is only an email away.

Key Features

  • With over 120 activated sludge process outputs, built-in operational calculations, standard plant metrics (loadings, efficiencies, removals, solids management, PE etc), and automatic unit conversions, SASSPro V2 is unmatched as a powerful wastewater process calculator.

  • Live reactor status reports for analysis of biological processes and hydraulics within individual reactor zones of the activated sludge process, providing instant feedback for optimization of process parameters such as flows, reactor volumes, and RBCOD, nitrate, phosphorus, oxygen, nitrification and denitrification levels.

  • Built-in Wizards for fast setup; Using the QuickStart Wizard, you simply select a process configuration and type in the influent characteristics to create a default simulation. The QuickDesign Wizard lets you create a plant from basic design criteria in 5 easy steps. The QuickCal Wizard assesses your plant settings and prioritizes inputs requiring actual plant data for optimum results.

  • A single keypress provides instant Sensitivity Plots for any process input. Process outputs can also be optimized for key operating variables e.g. effluent concentrations can be plotted versus reactor recycle flows, temperature, pH and influent concentrations to investigate optimal values and sensitivities.

  • MultiSim mode lets you store and plot monthly simulations of your plant operation. Each simulation over a 12 month period independently records seasonal loadings and plant configuration changes, allowing annual comparisons against any process output.

  • Primary Settler, VFA enhancement and Carbon Dosing options add flexibility for plant augmentation and contingency handling studies.

  • Built-in Clarifier simulator (with both Vesilind and Takacs models) can be used as a standalone module or in-line with the activated sludge process outputs to study secondary settler optimization, operational characteristics, wasting and recycle flows.

  • Diagnostic Test module provides flexibility for operational, design and regulatory tests on plant processes and outputs.

  • The SASSPro design emphasis is on ease of use, productivity and simplicity for routine PC users - without need for the extensive training or mathematical knowledge often required by users of training and modeling software. Included also, are snapshot saves, instant hint bar, glossary, context sensitive help, a user logbook for record keeping, and optional on-line troubleshooting and data analysis.

  • SASSPro is based on latest wastewater research and design recommendations for Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) and Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal (EBPR) activated sludge processes.

Rapid Plant Assessments
Activated sludge systems capable of carbon oxidation, nitrification, denitrification and phosphorus removal are complex. The implications of efficient nitrogen and enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR) on plant design and operation are significant.

SASSPro V2 provides a highly productive environment for investigating activated sludge processes ranging from single stage aerobic systems, to complex processes incorporating nitrogen and enhanced phosphorus removal.

Evaluating impacts on plant processes due to changing conditions can be a costly nightmare. Take the hassle out of understanding your plant behavior.

Learn how the plant processes work. Solve problems in advance. Analyze past incidences. Plan for future changes. SASSPro V2's user-friendly design will save you hours of time and quite possibly... tons of money.

Training Material included
Includes over 150 pages of training material on activated sludge technology - covering principles of operation, process characteristics, stoichiometry of biological reactions, nitrification, denitrification, phosphorus removal, secondary settler operation and process equations.

Academic Licenses
For classroom teaching, email to enquire about academic prices.

Support and Customization
Software purchases include HOTLINE support (phone/fax/email), 30 day money-back guarantee, free maintenance upgrades, and product news and user group discussions at SASSPro TechCentral web forum.

SASSPro V2 customization to your specific requirements is provided upon request.

Ordering Options

  • SASSPro V2 Professional : a full-featured version for wastewater professionals, with the following process configurations as standard: Fully Aerobic / Conventional / Extended Aeration, Wuhrman, MLE, Johannesburg, UCT / VIP, MUCT, 2-stage Bardenpho / AO, 3-stage Bardenpho / A2O, 4-stage Bardenpho, 5-stage Bardenpho / Phoredox, Step Feed Anoxic / Oxic and Custom / Step BioP.

  • SASSPro SE : a low cost version of above, which includes 3 process configurations only: Fully Aerobic, Modified Ludzak Ettinger (MLE) and 3 stage Bardenpho / A2O.

  • SASSPro V2 Professional, Multi-User/LAN : includes 10 standalone PC licenses as well as site license for LAN (local area network) use.

System Requirements
Windows 9x/Me/NT4/2000/XP.