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SeisScape 2D represents an entirely new and revolutionary way of viewing seismic data which may eventually replace the conventional wiggle trace seismic display.

SeisScape 2D uses OpenGL accelerated graphics to present seismic data in a 3 dimensional terrain like display. 

Users can rotate the seismic to any position, zoom into it, illuminate it with a variety of light sources and dynamically change the color palette to produce stunning visual effects.

Why the SeisScape display is unique

Even the simplest seismic file contains an awesome amount of information. Ultimately this information has to be presented to the viewer in a compact and meaningful way. Simply stated, SeisScape does this better than traditional wiggle trace and variable density displays.

A SeisScape display will communicate seismic information to the user faster and more clearly than will traditional display techniques. In a SeisScape display:

SeisScape is simply a better and more intuitive way of viewing seismic data.

Capabilities of SeisScape 2D

SeisScape 2D is a Seismic Viewer. It will:

Capabilities not a part of SeisScape 2D

SeisScape 2D is a visualization tool. It is not:

SeisScape is meant to be run in conjunction with other programs such as interpretation systems.

System requirements

SeisScape runs under the Microsoft Windows™ operating system. We have tested it under Windows 98 and Windows 2000 and expect it to work both under Windows 95 and NT 4.0. Windows 3.x is not supported.

Minimum requirements:
400 mHz Pentium II
64 MB Ram
8 MB OpenGL accelerated Graphic Card.

Graphics card requirements:
SeisScape's performance is heavily tied to the capabilities of your Graphics Card. Fortunately, almost all of the graphic cards manufactured today have the required OpenGL acceleration and sufficient processing power to run SeisScape effectively. For more information on the various cards and chipsets available visit the following manufacturers.

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