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SEVEX View is a commercially available advanced 3D complex terrain gas model! This state-of-art model is extraordinarily powerful, capable of providing realistic modeling of complex three dimensional emergency releases. Both UNIX/LINUX and Windows versions are available, making this unique model extremely versatile and able to run on your choice of today's hottest operating systems.

SEVEX View Summary
SEVEX View is the result of a cooperation of Lakes Environmental Software, ATM-Pro, the Walloon Region of Belgium, the Faculte Polytechnique de Mons, the Universite Catholique de Louvain, the Universite de Liege, and SOLVAY.

SEVEX View can perform with high accuracy:

BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion)

SEVEX View can model a sudden release of a large mass of pressurized superheated liquid to the atmosphere (BLEVE). SEVEX View calculates the:

Release Types:

Source Term:

Storage Conditions:

Additional Technical Information:

SEVEX View is software designed to estimate risks zones around hazardous materials handling and storage facilities like chemical activities, railway marshalling yards, ports area or pipe-line terminals.

SEVEX View computes all the aspects and consequences of accidental releases of hazardous materials (toxic or flammable) through a set of coherent scientific models:

These different modules are linked together and implemented into a user-friendly interface. Starting from a source description (or accidental release scenario) deduced from a safety analysis, SEVEX View enables the user to produce maps directly usable by emergency planning teams. These maps show various danger zones considering toxicity, overpressure and heat effects. Three levels of danger are taken into account : temporary diseases, permanent injuries out door and danger indoor. SEVEX View maps show also where no danger is expected. This information enables the user to define clearly the behavior to adopt facing the danger: no change in behavior, avoiding exposure advised, self-confinement or evacuation.

The outputs of SEVEX View are compiled into a database of potential accident maps showing accidental scenario information (substance, effects, danger to public, meteorological conditions, etc.), realistic mapping of risk zones corresponding to defined thresholds and behavior to adopt. In case of an emergency, this so-called "SEVEX Atlas" provides an immediate answer or anticipated decision about the behavior to adopt and the instructions to enforce in each danger zone.

Such anticipated decisions are the only way to avoid the chaos of misleading orders. Indeed SEVEX View prevention policy is to be prepared for the worst "realistic" situations. This will lead to conservative decisions for better conditions. SEVEX View integrates in each level of the analysis the inherent uncertainties of emergency situations and builds up the most suitable emergency plan on the basis of the very few certainties available.

SEVEX limits the problem to realistic danger extent and leads to an effective emergency response.

SEVEX View comes with a 1 year of free upgrades and 1 year of technical support.

Advanced, realistic modeling is easy with SEVEX View!

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