Windows-Based Software to Analyze and Present Environmental Data Used in Subsurface Remedial Investigations

SiteGIS is a Windows-based software package for analyzing and presenting environmental data for soil and groundwater remedial investigations. Groundwater, soil and geology databases are integrated with facility or site maps to prepare data visualization maps, time series charts and geologic sections. SiteGIS is an application for MapInfo, a leading desktop mapping package from MapInfo Corporation.


With minimal hardware requirements (basic laptop is adequate), SiteGIS offers GIS capabilities at a reasonable price. Useful even for occasional users of GIS software.

Traditional Methods

Professionals typically utilize separate CAD, database, spreadsheet, and contouring software to maintain and analyze environmental data. With years of experimentation and usage, some PC software packages have gained significant popularity for environmental applications. Use of many different packages, however, has disadvantages. The user must learn each package, and also be proficient in importing/exporting text and graphics from other packages. Integration of map features and database information within commercial GIS software alleviates many of these disadvantages. Nonetheless, some specialized PC software packages are still technically superior for frequently-used operations such as contouring, line graph generation, and database maintenance.

SiteGIS Design

SiteGIS provides a user-friendly interface for analyzing and displaying environmental data within a GIS framework, and includes a dynamic interface to popular PC software packages for contours and line graphs. SiteGIS is designed to:

MapInfo Application

SiteGIS in an application of MapInfo for Windows, a leading desktop mapping software package from MapInfo Corporation, Troy, New York. Robust geographical features, presentation tools, enhanced SQL querying language, geographic search and map edit/display features are some of the benefits MapInfo package provides to a SiteGIS user.
Map data such as StreetInfo digital maps at city, county or state level may be purchased directly from MapInfo, or from third-party data sources such as American Digital Cartography (ADC) and ETAK. Import and export of DXF, DBF, XLS, and ASCII format data are built in. Options to translate data from ARC/INFO, TIGER and DLG formats are also available.

Flexible Data Structure

SiteGIS allows a flexible database structure that can be defined to suit your project needs. Therefore, the upgrade path from your current database is simple. (Some high-end GIS packages require following a rigid pre-defined data structure.) For new projects, guidelines for creating an efficient database structure for SiteGIS are provided. These guidelines are based on years of experience with respect to creation and management of environmental databases for RCRA- and CERCLA-related site characterization.


Contouring of stratigraphic elevations, water-table elevations or concentrations of selected chemical parameters requires a feature-rich contouring module. SiteGIS provides access to Surfer, the most popular commercial contour software for PCs today. Chances are that you already have Surfer in your organization. If this is the case, you may also have invested staff training time on Surfer. SiteGIS has easy-to-use interfaces to both Grid and Topo modules of Surfer at your fingertips, eliminating the need to take the maps to Surfer in boundary line (BLN) format. Instead, SiteGIS overlays Surfer contours directly on its map window.

Line Graphs

Time-series and other line graphs are plotted directly within Microsoft Excel. Multiple series (such as chemical concentrations over time for multiple wells) may be selected for plotting. SiteGIS takes care of running Excel, transferring data and preparing the chart window. You can save customized chart templates specific to your project and retrieve them for plotting. Once the chart is prepared by SiteGIS, you can annotate it with Excel's text and line drawing tools, highlight data outliers or modify the axis scale, size, and title.


Printing from SiteGIS is easy. You can use MapInfo Layout options to custom design figures for A- through E-size plots, and even 35-mm slides. Custom templates with title blocks specific to your organization also can be easily designed. All installed Windows fonts (such as TrueType) are available in SiteGIS.


You can scan aerial photographs on today's scanners (e.g., HP ScanJet) and import them easily into MapInfo. TIFF, JPG, GIF, SPOT, PCX and many other formats are supported. Field photos (35-mm) may also be instantly accessed in SiteGIS.


PC 486/Pentium with 8 MB RAM, Windows 3.1/95/NT, MapInfo 3.0/4.0, Surfer and Microsoft Excel 4.0/5.0/7.0.

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