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SITEVIEW delivers the sophistication and power of 3D Workstation visualization at an affordable price on Windows PCs!
SiteView allows you to visualize almost any environmental data, from groundwater and air dispersion plumes to marine and surface-water contamination to geological or geotechnical drilling samples, all in true 3D. It transforms base maps, geoscience information, and chemical sample data into compelling, highly rendered, and colorcoded images of your site. Yet SiteView is easy to use and accepts data in simple spreadsheet format and from most drafting systems. Designed for the environmental professional, SiteView is a perfect complement to GIS, CAD, modeling, and geostatistics applications.
SiteView delivers sophisticated object-oriented visualization on a PC. With SiteView you can simultaneously visualize multiple plumes, surfaces, stratigraphy, 3D DXF files, and other site objects. Visualizations are rendered with accurate hidden surface relationships, colored lighting from multiple user-definable sources; all your data and visualization settings are linked ii intuitive way to the objects you define. Your site has many types of data objects: plumes, geology, surfaces, maps, etc. Your nisualization system should be able to handle them all at the same time.

Requirements: PC running Microsoft Windows 3.1/95, with 16 MB RAM

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