SLAB for Windows

New -- SLAB for Windows Now Includes Analyze.  SLAB now includes Analyze for Windows!  Exclusive Source-term Wizard automatically generates proper source data from your inputs, and recommends a model to use, all based on a computerized implementation of EPA refined modeling guidance.

SLAB for Windows.  SLAB for Windows is BEE-Line Software’s exclusive commercial version of the EPA-guideline SLAB model. SLAB for Windows is perfect for 112(r) worst-case and alternate release scenario modeling. In fact, many of EPA’s own look-up model guidance for 112(r) was derived from SLAB output!

Chemical Data Base.  SLAB for Windows includes an extensive built-in chemical data base.  Most common chemicals that are required to me modeled are included in this data base.  SLAB for Windows even includes an interface so that you can add your own chemicals to the data base.  The data base is an MS Access file so that you can easily modify, add, etc.  To view the list of chemicals included with SLAB for Windows click here: Chemical Data Base

SLAB for Windows combines this technical sophistication with the intuitiveness and ease of use of Windows. Data entry is easy with our graphical interface. A built-in chemical data base, on-screen centerline and contour plots, and a special interface with SURFER for Windows for one-step report-quality graphics are just some of the powerful features incorporated exclusively by BEE-Line into SLAB for Windows. Get quick and thorough help from the context-sensitive help system, including key SLAB User's Guide sections built in.

SLAB’s main claim to fame is its dense gas algorithms, allowing heavier-than-air gas releases to be accurately modeled. SLAB has the ability to model each of the EPA-recognized release types, including 10-minute releases for RMP. Vertical or horizontal “jet” releases are a particular specialty of SLAB.

Perhaps the best SLAB endorsement comes from a study comparing 11 emergency release models from Sigma Research Corp.: "The SLAB model is the one model that demonstrates consistently good behavior across all comparisons with observations." It all adds up to the best software available for accidental release modeling, SLAB for Windows. Be sure and run our free SLAB demo version!