Any of the trial slip surfaces and factors of safety can be displayed. A free body diagram and force polygon can be shown for any slice on the critical slip surface. SLOPE/W uses the limit equilibrium theory to compute the factor of safety of earth and rock slopes for a variety of methods. The comprehensive formulation of SLOPE/W makes it possible to analyze both simple and complex geometric, stratigraphic, and external loading conditions.


SLOPE/W can use any of the following methods to calculate the factor of safety:
The user can select a variety of interslice side force functions for the Morgenstern-Price and GLE methods including sine, clipped sine, trapezoidal, and finite-element based functions.

Geometry & Stratigraphy

Slip Surfaces

Pore-Water Conditions

Soil Properties

Applied Loads

Various parameters can be plotted along the critical slip surface.


SLOPE/W provides a CAD-like DEFINE function for graphically defining a slope stability problem. Once a problem has been defined, you can compute the factors of safety for each trial slip surface with the SOLVE function. During the processing, SOLVE displays the minimum factors of safety and the slip surface being analyzed. SOLVE also computes the detailed forces acting on each slice for the slip surface with the minimum factor of safety.

Large numbers of block-type slip surfaces can be analyzed by defining a left and a right grid of points with crest (active) and toe (passive) projection inclinations.


The CONTOUR function allows you to view each potential slip surface and its associated factor of safety by clicking on any rotation center in the grid. The potential sliding mass is displayed along with the slices used in the analysis. A free body diagram and force polygon can be viewed for any slice on the critical slip surface by clicking on the slice.
To help interpret the results, various parameters can be plotted along the critical slip surface, including:


SLOPE/W can be used to model almost any stability problem including:

Slip surfaces can have any specified shape. Anchor loads can vary depending on the slip surface position relative to the bonded length.


SLOPE/W is formulated in terms of moment and force equilibrium factor of safety equations. For example, the Morgenstern-Price method satisfies both force and moment equilibrium. It is found at the intersection of the force and moment equilibrium curves. This general formulation makes it easy to compute the factor of safety for a variety of methods and to readily understand the relationships and differences among all the methods.
SLOPE/W can also calculate a stability factor based on SIGMA/W finite-element computed stresses. Once a stress analysis has been completed, SLOPE/W can compute both the total shear resistance and mobilized shear stress along the entire slip surface in order to assess the margin of safety in terms of a stability factor. In addition, SLOPE/W computes a local stability factor for each slice. To use this optional feature, you must have SIGMA/W as well as SLOPE/W.

SLOPE/W Version 4 Enhancements

Version 4 of SLOPE/W provides a leap into the world of 32-bit computing and advanced Windows environments. Version 4 is 32-bit software that runs under Windows 95 and Windows NT allowing you to analyze your problems faster and easier.
The following are an integrated suite of five geotechnical software packages being used extensively throughout the world on six continents and in more than 70 countries. They are used by practicing engineers for the analysis and design of a wide variety of structures and by universities for teaching and research. The five state-of-the-art software packages for geotechnical modeling in the Microsoft Windows environment are:

Requirements: PC 486/Pentium with 16 MB RAM and Windows 3.x/95/NT

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