This is an air dispersion modelling application to respond to the real needs of experienced as well as novice modelers:

The sophMOD Windows 32 (Windows 95/98/NT) application provides a unique solution for all of these requirements by providing a database system which maintains all data for each individual model run which the user creates. The user can select any run in the database (by browse or search capability) and recreate the complete modelling environment in which he can continue with incomplete model tasks (as identified by sophMOD), or make modifications and rebuild the input file to re-run the model. He can also automatically copy all or parts of the data into a new run. The model input files are created automatically by sophMOD and the models are run in the background under control of the system.

This approach permits sophMOD to offer the following advanced modelling capabilities:

To appreciate firsthand the benefits in terms of the easy to use checklist approach for the occasional modeler, and advanced time-saving features as well as inter-model comparability of the database approach for the power user, ask us for a fully functional 30 day evaluation version of sophMOD.