Spatial Database Manager

New Module - EnviroSpase

Spase is a database management system which uses the relational data model. It is intended for scientific and engineering applications where some element of spatial (map-based) data is involved.

EnviroSpase is a module of Spase which analyzes environmental data for site monitoring and remediation. EnviroSpase helps the engineer, geologist, hydrologist, or manager separate the small subset of the total data set which is significant for understanding the natural configuration, contaminant distribution and physical processes at the site. This is done by combining a powerful, full-featured relational database manager with a map display system. The result is an easy-to-use, menu-driven program which is preconfigured to handle the usual data associated with site remediation projects, but which can be easily adapted or extended to handle other kinds of data when necessary. The primary data types managed by EnviroSpase include base maps, data locations, samples, and Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (NAPL's). You can import data, make corrections and changes, and display the data on maps and lists, or output it to other programs. EnviroSpase also lets you create extensions to the system with its straightforward, yet powerful script language. Requires Spase to run.

Other modules available include PetroSpase which provides data structures and queries for storing oil and gas data in Spase, and ImageSpase which provides the capability of adding bit-mapped images to Spase databases.


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