Aquifer Step-Drawdown Test Analysis

Everyone performs Step-Drawdown Tests but few people know how to analyze the data. Analyzing step-drawdown tests requires the use of complex graphical techniques which are not widely taught. StepMaster uses graphical analysis methods to analyze step-drawdown tests quickly and reliably. No other program is designed specifically for Step-Drawdown like StepMaster.

Test Analysis Methods:

All Aquifer Testing Software Features

StepMaster Special Features

Infinite Extent, Super Slug and StepMaster

Designed for Real-World Use - These products are designed with real-world use in mind. Super Slug accepts and graphs the most unusual data sets and even accepts data from slug tests with oscillating water levels. Infinite Extent includes calculators for common hydrogeologic calculations including radius of influence, steady-state drawdown, and transmissivity by specific capacity. StepMaster is the most comprehensive step-test analysis available on computers today and allows extensive masking of unwanted data or even entire steps.

Customizable Graphs - All three programs have improved graphs with display in multiple fonts, choice of colors, symbols, and axis scales. Graphs can be printed or displayed in print preview with choice of margins and borders, copied to the clipboard, or saved as a bitmap file. Many calculation results are displayed in moveable customizable text boxes. Any graph text can be substituted with a user-defined expression allowing for display in almost any language.
Easily Import Data Logger Files - All aquifer test packages feature import of ASCII text data logger files without prior editing. Both single column and multiple column formats are accepted.
Ease of Use - All programs feature such essential Windows features such as full print and print preview, recent file lists, saved Window placement on exit, saved Windows settings, status bar with menu hints, and an extensive context-sensitive on-line help complete with mathematical formulas. Each program also includes preloaded example files to help get you started.


PC 486/Pentium with 4 MB RAM and Microsoft Windows 3.1/Windows95/Windows NT.

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