Transient Flow Analysis

SURGE 5 is a powerful general purpose waterhammer program. It carries out the analysis of transient pressure and flow conditions in simple or complex piping systems due to valve closure (or opening), pump start-up or shut-down, load changes etc. This program handles surge tanks, air vessels, pressure relief valves, air relief valves, bypass lines, check valves etc. The powerful Graphical Evaluation Module (GEMS) which displays the entire transient phenomenon in great detail is included.

SURGE (SURGE 5) is a widely used general purpose pipe system transient analysis program. It includes a number of modules accessed from a graphics menu as shown. It addresses pipe system start-up and shutdown or load changes due to pump and valve operation. The program handles a variety of surge control devices such as surge tanks (open or closed), air-vacuum valves, pressure relief and surge anticipation valves, pump bypass lines, etc. A sophisticated graphical engineering evaluation module (GEMS) is provided which allows the user to visualise and evaluate the entire transient phenomenon. A typical hard copy of graphics displaying this capability is shown on the next page. SURGE 5 includes a module to convert a KYPIPE input data file to calculate initial conditions and set up the data file for the transient analysis. The data file for SURGE 5 sets up both the initial steady analysis and the transient analysis with only one data file required for both operations. In addition to the graphic displays depicting pressure envelopes, a variety of tabulated and plotted results are provided.