Key Features
  • Temporal and spatial variations in the source (residual dense or light non-aqueous liquids), and its composition, and volatilization fluxes to the air phase updated continuously.
    Oil ( gas mass transfer simulated as a kinetic process
  • Multiple wells, and spatial variation in extraction/injection rates simulated.
  • Simulation of heterogeneous and/or anisotropic porous media.
  • Easy to use Mesh Editor: create 3-D finite element mesh, define soil zones, and assign boundary conditions -- all within the Processor.
  • Convection, dispersion, diffusion, first order biodegradation simulated.
  • Computationally efficient matrix solution by conjugate gradient method with preconditioning


  • Mesh discretization data
  • Initial conditions: water pressures (import/enter monitoring wells water level data).
  • Initial conditions for transport
  • Speciesí gas concentration
  • Soil hydraulic properties
  • van Genuchten parameters, porosity
  • Hydraulic conductivity
  • Longitudinal and transverse dispersivities, and speciesí diffusion, first order decay, solubility, oil ( gas mass transfer, and Henry coefficients.
  • Boundary conditions for gas flow:
  • Specified gas pressures, and/or flux/source/sink boundaries
  • Boundary conditions for transport:
  • Specified speciesí concentrations, and/or flux/source/sink boundaries
  • Spatial distribution of contaminants

User Interface

Graphical User Interface (SVE_3D Processor) for Windows
SVE_3D Processor is linked to Surfer for post-processing of the results



  • Spatial distribution (3D) of gas pressure, and gas and water saturations with time
  • Pumping/injection rates/volumes vs. time
  • Gas velocity distribution (3D)


  • Speciesí spatial (3D) concentrations, mass in the gas phase, and mass in the hydrocarbon source versus time.
  • Speciesí mass removal through boundaries, extraction wells, and biodegradation

Program Requirements

  • 486 MHz or higher, math co-processor
  • 64MB RAM, 50.0MB hard drive
  • Windows 95 or higher for pre-/post-processing
  • Surfer