Management System for Shallow Water Tables in Irrigation Areas

SwagSim, a Microsoft Windows application, is a SOIL, WATER and GROUND-WATER SIMULATION model. It analyzes where recharge and discharge are occurring in an irrigation subregion by tracking ground-water movement at subregional levels of irrigation bays. SwagSim can also determine how much pumping is needed to control soil salinization and to estimate rising ground-water levels and discharge into streams. SwagSim is optimized for the Windows environment with a complete graphical user interface and full mouse support for ease of use.

The fact that groundwater tends to move, at a district scale, quite independently of property boundaries, requires a management response beyond farm boundaries. SwagSim does this by noting where recharge and discharge is occurring, and tracking groundwater movement at the district (or subregional) scale. SwagSim accounts for water balance processes in an irrigation area through three modules. The first uses data on rainfall irrigation applications, daily air temperature, wind and radiation to calculate the amount of water entering or leaving the soil at the land surface. This calculation (of net flux) uses a modified Penman model. The second estimates daily recharge or discharge to the water table. It uses the net flux calculated above, depth to the water table and data on soil properties. A transient analytical solution for Richards' equation is used for this purpose. The third module estimates changes to groundwater levels. Hydrological conditions are taken into account, and a finite-difference groundwater flow model is used. These modules allow SwagSim to model regional water table fluctuations to locate recharge or discharge zones, and to calculate the rates of these processes. It can also determine how much pumping is needed to control salinization and estimate groundwater discharge into streams.

Model Uses



Swagsim is a two-part application. You can create and maintain a database of data for a simulation and run models against this data or variants of it. Each session loads a temporary copy of the selected database. Any modifications to the data will effect simulations run during the session, but will only become permanent if the are saved when the session is ended.
The data is held in a Microsoft Access Version 1.1 database to allow simple reporting and data extraction if you have a copy of Microsoft Access. It is not necessary to own Microsoft Access unless you wish extract data.
Data can be imported into an existing database, or used to create a new database.

Imported Data Formats

Format of Ascii text files that can be imported. All dates should be DD-MMM-YY format

Boundary Flux
data "Boundary Flux"
row column fixed-boundary-flux

Constant Heads
data "Constant Heads"
row column

Evaporation Basins
data "Evaporation Basins"
row column start-data end-date area-in-square-meters leakance

Field/Paddock Cells
data "Field Cells"
field field-number number-of-cells
row column
field field-number-2 number-of-cells

data "grid"
cell width full-cell-width-in-meters height full-cell-height-in-meters
grid rows number-of-rows columns number-of-columns
row column cell-width cell-height

Initial Confined Piezolevels
data "initial piezolevel confined"
row column piezolevel

Initial Unconfined Piezolevels
data "initial piezolevel unconfined"
row column piezolevel

Irrigation Data
data "irrigation"
field-id start-date end-date total-volume-in-mega-litres

data "leakance"
row column leakance

Land Use
data "land use"
field-id start-date end-date "crop"

Link Soil to field
data "field soil type"
field-id soil-local-name

Mole Drains
data "Mole Drain"
row column depth-in-meters area-in-square-meters

No Flow Boundary Conditions
data "no flow"
row column

data "pumps"
row column pump-id start-date end-date volume-in-megaliters-per-day

data "River Cells"
row column Kv river-length river-width bed-thickness head bottom


486/Pentium running Windows 95/NT with 12 MB free hard disk space.

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