Solid Waste Management Planning Software

Design an integrated solid waste management system, evaluate an existing system, prepare or compare vendor proposals, determine where waste should be best allocated and where business opportunities are, or simulate a variety of management scenarios. Only your imagination will limit your ability to manipulate the capabilities of what is considered the easiest and most useful Solid Waste Management Tool available.

SWPlan handles the entire solid waste flow from generator to final disposition in an intuitive format which can address all of the management approaches: Waste Reduction, Recycling (19 commodities), Yard Waste Composting, Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Incineration, Refuse-Derived-Fuel (RDF), MSW Composting, Ash Disposal and Landfills with/without Transfer Stations. SWPlan calculates how much and what type of garbage you have. It will determine capital and operating costs, debit service, and transportation costs, and consider revenues from RDF, recyclables, electric, and steam sales.

SWPlan Features

SWPlan Capabilities

View Different Scenarios and Data Files at the same time on multiple Windows screens. Only your imagination will limit your ability to manipulate and evaluate the capabilities of SWPlan.

SWPlan Methodology

SWPlan uses a straight-forward methodology to organize, define, design and present solid waste management information. The following is a brief listing of some of the considerations.

Municipal Solid Waste

SWPlan keeps track of all transportation costs no matter how complex the integrated solid waste management. Default values are provided to ensure that Users with limited available data can complete the task of designing their own management system with reasonable and appropriate assumptions that reflect the current industry standards and known real-world impacts and costs. In order to accomplish this, SWPlan employs Recycling Insights™ proprietary algorithms in determining facility cost in relationship to capacity throughput and nationally recognized figures based on real-world weighted averages. In most cases, the User can override default values with their own information.

SWPlan Variables

The following are listings variables organized by categories of Waste Management Approaches/Methods, Recyclables/Commodities, Transportation and Collection, Costs and Revenue Sources.

Waste Management Approaches / Methods

Recyclables / Commodities

Transportation and Collection


Revenue Sources

Comprehensive Help is only a mouse click away. In Help, you have the entire User's Documentation, a comprehensive glossary and more. Reports can be generated in just a few minutes. Detailed descriptions of dialog boxes and example data will guide you from initial input to finished reports.

Designed by Solid Waste Management and software development professionals, this 100% Compatible Windows Software Program, written in C++, is simple to install, uses a mouse and/or keyboard control, and has pull-down menus and interactive dialog boxes. Toolbar buttons launch calculator, create new/open/save files, print, print preview, and context Help. Status bar gives menu description. Multiple Report Screens and Data Files can be open at the same time.

The SWPlan reports generate 18 Tables, 5 Subreports, 8 Pie Charts and 50 Bar Charts.

The Reports

For each open data file, SWPlan offers five different reports. The reports can be viewed on-screen using the commands on the Window menu.

Overview Report

The Overview Report gives a summary of the costs and revenues. The details behind the numbers are shown on the other reports. The last two lines show the net cost and net cost per ton of operating the solid waste management program represented by the current data file.

Waste Composition Report

This report shows a pie chart of the waste composition entered in the Waste Composition dialog box. It also includes a pie chart showing the tonnages coming from residential and commercial sources.

Collection Report

The Collection Report summarizes the collection of refuse and recyclables. It also shows the amount of waste which goes through a transfer station.

Recycling Report

This report gives all available information about recyclables including collection, rejects, and revenues. All recyclables are assumed to be processed at a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) except yard waste which is assumed to have its own facility.

Cost Report

The Cost Report shows the management cost, debt service cost, transportation cost, and revenues for each of the different management methods. This report also details the rejects from each facility and lists their destination. Tipping Fees and Other Fees are also shown on this report but they are not counted as a revenue or expense.

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