Allows seismic interpreters to produce professional, accurate synthetic seismograms quickly and easily.

The software includes full CAD capability, which allows editing and adding of objects and text. Designed by geophysicists, the program employs sophisticated algorithms for ensuring accurate results. For more information on how Synth compares to competing software, see the Synth Features page.


  • Data can be imported from or exported to a variety of formats, including: LAS, QCTECH, and USGS.
  • Synth includes the LogEdit program.
  • Editing capabilities include: Clipping, Merging, Compositing, Deleting, and Replacing.


  • Unlimited number of wavelets.
  • Ricker, Ormsby, Butterworth, Klauder, or SEGY file wavelets supported.
  • Constant phase rotation or minimum phase.
  • Amplitude and phase spectra of wavelet are shown on plot.
  • Smooth interpolation used for resampling file wavelets.


  • Anti-Alias filter in depth to time conversion gives accurate results for thin layering. For more information on how our anti-alias filter compares to competing software, see the Synth Features page.
  • No preset limits on sample interval for computations.
  • Check shot corrections may be applied.
  • Automatic start time calculation based on a replacement velocity.
  • RMS velocity may be computed and plotted.


  • Plot layout is configurable by changing plot templates. The template defines curve order, colors, line styles and overlapping curves.
  • Any log curve (eg: gamma ray) may be plotted on the synthetic seismogram.
  • Full CAD capability for editing the final plot. For example, elements can be moved or added. This feature allows you to import other plots or company logos into your synthetic seismogram plot.

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This example was created from digitized log data in Synth and is displayed using one of the many available display templates. For more detailed information on Synth's capabilities, see the Synth's Features page.

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