Σύστημα Γεωλογικών Πληροφοριών

TECHBASE is a versatile three-dimensional geologic information system with over fifty special-function modules which perform database, analytical, modeling, and graphical tasks. Based on a core relational database, TECHBASE supports basic project needs such as data storage, QA/QC functions, algebraic calculations, and data editing, as well as tabular and graphic data reporting. Unlike conventional Geographic Information Systems (GIS), TECHBASE is fully three-dimensional, storing temporal and geocoded data such as water levels, chemical analyses, bore logs, three-dimensional polygons, modeled surfaces, and solids in a variety of linked one-, two-, two and a half-, and three-dimensional table types.

Numerical, analytical, geostatistical, graphical, and other tasks are seamlessly integrated into TECHBASE. A single project database with the appropriate TECHBASE modules installed enables the project manager, project staff, ground water, and geotechnical modelers to perform all project tasks on the same quality-assured data set without time consuming, error-prone data translation to additional programs. Data input and output are supported in ASCII, dBASE, DXF and other formats or can be hand entered. Keyboard and mouse activated pull-down menus make screen navigation and program operation straightforward. Macros, runlogs (scripts), and a user-defined shell with the ability to design custom menus for specific tasks allow various degrees of automation, QA/QC and standardization.

Customized standard graphical reports such as well construction diagrams and bore logs can be produced directly from the database via the TECHBASE scripting feature. Standard or custom pattern fills for lithology and oil type, downhole histograms and line graphs for geophysical and geotechnical data and color are all supported.

A variety of two- and three-dimensional geostatistical modules including on-screen variogram modeling, 2D and 3D krige estimation, inverse distance estimation, trend surface analysis and others provide powerful parameter estimation tools for numerical ground-water flow modeling as well as linear, areal, volumetric and mass estimation.

TECHBASE includes a version of MODFLOW with BCF2, SIP, PCG2, RIV, WEL, GHB, DRN, EVT, RCH, and STR1. MODFLOW reads and writes directly from and to the database; thus all the advantages of a fully-integrated pre and postprocessor along with our geostatistical and graphics modules make this the most powerful implementation of MODFLOW on the market today. TECHBASE can also translate the model inputs from the database into standard MODFLOW input files for use by the stand-alone version.



TECHBASE is available for numerous hardware and software platforms including PC, Mac, UNIX Workstations for DEC, HP, IBM, Silicon Graphics and Sun, and VAX VMS.

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