The Rat Digitizer

The "Rat" (trademarked and patented) is an all purpose portable X-Y digitizer. The Rat will revolutionize the way any paper copy can be digitized.

Application programs now written for the Rat will digitize:

  • Maps
  • Well Logs
  • Seismic sections
  • Planimetry
  • Volumetric calculations
  • Velocity curves
  • Dipmeter
  • GIS digitizing
  • Generic digitizing.

The Rat was originally designed to digitize well logs for the Petroleum industry, but now its uses have greatly expanded into mapping, seismic work and chart analysis. The latest DIGGIS software program gives the Rat capabilities to be useful in architecture, engineering and CAD markets. Anywhere a digitizing table is used the Rat will be able to replace it.

Physical Aspects Of The Rat

The Rat is small and ergonomic. It weighs 2.75lbs (1.25kg) and measures approximately 7.0 inches (17.8cm) long by 3.0 inches (7.6cm) wide and 1.5 inches (3.8cm) high. Full gripping power is accomplished by two external side wheels that have diamond banding around the circumference. These bands bite into the paper that you are digitizing. A rotary encoder on this axle gives you an "X" value. The "Y" value is obtained by connecting a sliding cursor with very fine black lines onto the front of the Rat body. Twin Hewlett Packard barcode readers, 90 degrees out of phase - to detect direction, decode the very fine lines. Absolute accuracy of the hardware system is .003 of an inch. You now have an X & Y hardware system for digitizing.

Advantages Of The Rat

The Rat is an extremely ergonomic digitizing system. You can always be comfortably sitting down while digitizing with the data right in front of you.

The Rat hardware system comes with a foot pedal which allows easy and convenient data input. The foot pedal eliminates the "patting your head/rubbing your stomach" syndrome that all digitizing "pucks" seem to have ie. while following the data that is being digitized and with the same hand having to press a button to enter a data point. With the Rat, the foot pedal works independently of your hands controlling the Rat hardware.

The Rat hardware will fit into your hand yet, has all the power of the largest digitizing table. The entire Rat system fits into a briefcase and is usually taken aboard an airplane as carry-on baggage.

Price of the Rat digitizing system is well below that of the large format digitizing tables.

The price, ergonomics, convenience and portability should convince you to purchase the Rat digitizing system.

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