The first major updating of Enviromega’s TOXCHEM+ software in 4 years is now available. TOXCHEM+ Version 3 provides users with a host of new features to assist them in dealing with the myriad concerns of toxic contaminants in wastewater collection and systems.

Monod Kinetics for Biodegradation
Based on a growing number of requests, TOXCHEM+ V3 includes Monod kinetic parameters in the chemical database. With Monod kinetics, users can predict the fate of organic contaminants at elevated concentrations when the simplified "first-order" kinetic model may no longer be applicable. The installation of the Monod kinetic model in TOXCHEM+ V3 also allows for future use of an inhibition coefficient at higher concentrations.
Enhanced Sensitivity Analysis
The sensitivity analysis feature, one of the most useful features if TOXCHEM+, has been expanded to display results on either a linear or logarithmic scale. As well, the feature is more flexible in that users can specify the output process location for the selected parameter sensitivity analysis.
New"Backsolve" Utility with Solve to Liquid/Air/Sludge streams
For those with pretreatment concerns, TOXCHEM+ V3 includes a highly useful "backsolve" utility. The feature enables users to easily work backwards to an allowable headworks concentration by specifying a contaminant loading rate, or concentration in the liquid, air or solids streams in downstream processes.
Expanded Database
The already comprehensive database has been updated with over 30 additional organic compounds to provide users with a broader modeling capability.
Additional Unit Processes
Some additional processes have been added to help users model biological gas cleaning. The trickling filter processes have been modified to accept contaminated gas streams. Both the trickling filter and cooling tower models can co-current and counter-current gas flow regimes. A "building enclosure" model enables users to translate a mass emission rate to a concentration by specifying the building exhaust air rate.
Link to Online SCADA systems
A link to a plant’s SCADA system has been incorporated into TOXCHEM+ Version 3. The model can now accept signals from flow meters, temperature sensors or suspended solids probes to provide on-line estimates of contaminant fate, VOC/HAP emission rates or loadings of contaminants in solids for of-site disposal.
Modeling Pure Oxygen
Modeling of pure oxygen activated sludge processes has never been easier with the ability to specify the mole fraction of oxygen in the gas supplied to the process. [A feature introduced only in the final release of TOXCHEM+ V2.]
Multiple-Compound Model Runs with On-Screen Results
With previous versions of TOXCHEM+, users could only view modeling results on-screen one contaminant at a time. Now, in Version 3, it is possible to execute multi-contaminant model runs and view the results on-screen, a significant time-saving feature. Version 3 also allows the user to create a custom grouping of contaminants for modeling runs or reports.
Many New User Features
With all these new features, and more, TOXCHEM+ Version 3 remains at the forefront of predictive fate modeling. It will remain at the forefront because it responds with features requested by users to make their modeling efforts better, easier and faster.