Visual Groundwater for Windows 95/NT

Το μόνο πρόγραμμα που πραγματοποιεί 3-D Visualization και Animation σε κάθε έργο! Ποιότητα γραφικών UNIX για χρήστες PC!

Introduction to Visual Groundwater In the past, there has been much confusion and uncertainty associated with the interpretation and reporting of subsurface characterization data and groundwater modeling results. A great deal of this is attributed to the lack of a suitable medium to properly represent and display the complex spatial and temporal information. However, the rapid advances in computational speed and storage capacity of the PC hardware has opened up a new frontier in 3-D visualization and its application in the environmental industry.
Visual Groundwater has pioneered this new frontier by combining state-of-the-art graphical tools for 3-D visualization and animation with an intuitive graphical interface that lets you easily create high-impact 3-D representations of complex site characterization data and modeling results in minutes! Visual Groundwater has been designed to meet the specialized needs of practicing groundwater professionals and environmental engineers. The intuitive graphical interface provides interactive visualization capabilities for manipulating and rotating multiple three-dimensional data sets such as:
Visual Groundwater utilizes a proprietary data storage format that allows the user to have direct interaction with the graphical display while the objects are rotating and animating. This approach eliminates the repetitive steps needed to 'build' the animation files before you can even see the results (in fact, many 'comparable' packages do not even support animation of time-varying data).
Visual Groundwater also comes with a data converter which automatically converts common data storage formats into 3-D Visual Groundwater input data files. The file formats supported by the Visual Groundwater Data Converter include:
Visual Groundwater is truly one of the most powerful and versatile 3-D visualization and animation software packages available!

Professional Applications of Visual Groundwater

In the past, three-dimensional visualization was typically available only for high-budget projects and/or UNIX-based platforms (i.e., NOT user-friendly). However, with the recent advances in PC hardware, a new frontier is opening up for 3-D visualization and software products like Visual Groundwater are pioneering this change. Today, 3-D visualization is becoming an integral component of most subsurface characterization programs. It provides a powerful tool for interpreting and communicating complex spatial data and dynamic processes that are generally not well explained in reports. Some common applications include:
Once you begin using Visual Groundwater, you will not only be impressed with the ease of use and powerful graphical images, you will also be amazed at the new insight and understanding you will receive from seeing your data in its true 3-D spatial orientation. This type of data interpretation simply cannot be accomplished with two-dimensional representations. Furthermore, you will be better able to communicate your findings, conclusions and recommendations to less technical audiences including clients, regulators and public forums. Visual Groundwater will also help to sell your ideas by demonstrating the effects of your proposal using commanding images and convincing animations.
Don't wait for your competition to get a competitive edge on you. With Visual Groundwater you will have all the visualization tools you need to compete in the global environmental marketplace!

Main Features

Graphical Display Features

Once the Visual Groundwater input data files have been loaded, you will immediately begin to realize the advantages of true 3-D visualization and animation. The many powerful features of Visual Groundwater allow you to easily and conveniently manipulate, rotate and animate your spatial and temporal data to create compelling and convincing three-dimensional rendering of subsurface characteristics and dynamic processes.
Overlaying Site Maps To provide a familiar point of reference, detailed site maps can be imported from DXF files or USGS format and projected overtop the site domain as 2-D objects on a slice or as 3-D planar objects draped on a surface. Additional labeling of important site characteristics or figures is accomplished using the annotation function with standard text features.
Discrete Data Points Discrete data is displayed using labels and colored shapes such as cubes, spheres, or tetrahedrons. These shapes can be interactively adjusted in both size and color to reflect the parameter value associated with each object.
Slices Planar slices can be used to create cross-sectional views through the site domain along any axis and at any angle or orientation. All slices can be used to show color-shaded and/or line contours for any scalar data. Commonly displayed scalar data includes soil lithology, water levels (heads and drawdown), soil and groundwater chemistry, hydraulic conductivity zones, etc. In addition, arrows and streamlines can be plotted on a slice to represent vector data such as groundwater flow velocities.
Isosurfaces Three-dimensional isosurfaces can be easily created to represent spatially-distributed scalar data or continuous zones within the site domain. Overlapping isosurfaces are accommodated by adjusting the transparency levels or by customizing the color scheme.
Animation and Rotation One of the most visually impressive features of Visual Groundwater is the ability to automatically rotate the 3-D display around any or all of the axes while it animates time-varying data from multiple data sets.
Object Colors / Transparency The selected colors and the color scale of each shape, slice and isosurface can be easily customized and saved for repetitive applications. Visual Groundwater uses the full range of RGB colors and provides complete control over the color fill gradient and the parameter values associated with each color. In addition, each object can be assigned an adjustable level of transparency for displaying depth or for overlapping slices and isosurfaces.
Display Configurations Visual Groundwater now allows you to save the display configuration. This new feature stores all the display settings (including animation and rotation) so you can simply re-load the configuration file and your Visual Groundwater data files will be automatically re-loaded and the display settings will be automatically re-created (including rotation and animation settings). This feature is very important as it saves time by eliminating the repetitive steps involved in re-creating the views you previously constructed.
Printing Visual Groundwater prints the displayed image to any printer or plotter supported by Windows or exports the screen image to a GIF graphics file.

3-D Visualization of Modeling Results

Visual Groundwater has the unique capability to import ALL of the data files for Visual MODFLOW modeling projects.

This means that you can create 3-D graphical images of:

and the simulation results In addition, Visual Groundwater will animate transient (time-variant) simulations to show fluctuations due to seasonal precipitation, drawdown due to pumping, and synchronized particle tracking and contaminant plume migration.

With Visual Groundwater you are not required to perform any complicated data manipulations to get the modeling results you need. Simply load the Visual MODFLOW file into the VGW Converter and your Visual Groundwater input files are automatically created for you. It really is that easy!
The VGW Converter can also import and convert modeling results from any other modeling package that is provided in ASCII (X,Y,Z) format.

75 MHz Pentium running Windows 95/NT, 16 MB RAM (32 MB recommended), 15 MB free disk space, accelerated 3-D graphics card (recommended), SVGA display and a mouse.

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