Area and volume (planimetering) calculations on maps


The Volumetrics program is designed to take full advantage of the features of The Rat portable digitizer. The software employs a unique regridding feature to allow digitization of any size of map without the need for multiple lay-downs or taping. Volumetrics can be used with digitizing tables and tablets instead.

The Volumetrics program allows The Rat to be used as a simple planimeter or as a complex mapping tool, greatly simplifying reserve calculations. The program allows you to trace contours and map closures and perform quick area calculations. Reservoir parameters such as porosity, water saturation, formation volume factors, compressibilities, formation pressures and temperatures, and recovery factors can be entered to quickly calculate recoverable reserves and formation volumes. The program also allows drawing of lease boundaries with the digitizer, and calculating the reserves within those boundaries. Hard copy reserve maps can be printed showing contours, well locations, seismic locations and lease boundaries as well as recovery calculations.


  • Calculate surface areas, volumes or perimeters at any map scale.
  • Quickly and easily trace closures from contour maps.
  • Enter detailed parameters for reserve calculations of rock, oil or gas.
  • Fast and easy editing of maps and calculation parameters.
  • Specify lease boundaries and delineate reserves.
  • Produce convenient plots of your map with contour values, wells and recovery calculations displayed.

Computer Requirements

Windows '95 or Windows NT

Volumetrics Platforms