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CapdetWorks, is a completely re-written version of the U.S EPA CAPDET program that is used to design and cost wastewater treatment system alternatives. The program now includes for the first time a fully interactive user interface that simplifies the construction and evaluation of multiple treatment plant layouts. CapdetWorks provides planning level costs for Construction as well as annual Operation, Maintenance, Chemical and Energy Costs. A fully user customizable equipment cost database with up-to-date equipment costs is also included. This database can be user customized for different geographic locations to allow localized costing information to be evaluated.

SBRSheet, is a high quality, low cost software solution for wastewater treatment. SBRSheet is a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet program for designing Sequencing Batch Reactor Systems for biological nitrification/ denitrification.

Plan-it STOAT & STOAT. Plan-it STOAT is a software package to aid conceptual and preliminary process and hydraulic planning and design, for the construction, expansion, and modification of treatment facilities. It is unique in combining process and hydraulic calculations. STOAT is a dynamic simulation software package for treatment works. It is used for the design and operational analysis (and optimisation) of the performance of the entire plant including sludge treatment.

TOXCHEM+ is a wastewater software package used to determine the fate of contaminants (organic and metallic) in wastewater treatment and collection systems. Contaminants may be sorbed to solids, volatilized to the air, biodegraded or remain in the liquid phase. TOXCHEM+ contains a database of over 200 compounds with the user being able to supplement this database with their own user-defined compounds.
GPS-X. From the leader in the development and application of wastewater modelling technology to real-world problems. GPS-X is the world's leading wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) modelling and simulation software package. GPS-X is a modular, multi-purpose computer program for the modelling and simulation of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. With GPS-X you can mimic your plant interactively and dynamically, improve your plant capacity, save on operating costs. Whether you are designing a new facility, or simulating an existing plant, GPS-X will help improve your design quality and operating efficiency. (01/01)
SASSPro V2 SASSPro V2 is an invaluable aid for process configuration comparisons, process optimization and sensitivity studies. Used in industry and academic wastewater courses, and by major municipal authorities, industry corporations and consultants in the wastewater industry, its design, ease of use and low cost have set new benchmarks in wastewater modelling software.

Process Advisor. Process Advisor is innovative wastewater treatment software featuring process control, simulation, state estimation, model identification, and more. Process Advisor is invaluable tool in visualising the unobservable carbon removal processes in aerobic reactor. The reactor can be completely mixed or plug flow reactor with any system of sludge and water feedings. Process Advisor MBR is a wastewater treatment software for membrane bioreactor.

AllMax Operator 10 Plus Software. AllMax Professional Solutions, Inc. is a worldwide supplier of operational and maintenance software for municipal and industrial wastewater and water treatment facilities. Products include: Wastewater Data Management, Water Data Management, BioSolids Data Management, Pre-Treatment Data Management, AllMax Task Manager (Maintenance Data Management), DataPort (Handheld data entry unit) and DDE Interface Application. Wastewater Data Management is a complete data management and reporting package for any type of wastewater treatment.

EFOR. EFOR is a computer tool for predicting operating results from wastewater treatment plants. Fed with information about the sizes of the tanks, operation of the machinery and the composition of the wastewater, the program simulates the processes in the plant dynamically and then calculates the treatment efficiency and, for example, the consumption of oxygen and chemicals.

EpSelon Suite. The EpSelon software suite covers all aspects of industrial and municipal waste water treatment. For the selection of waste water treatment processes and equipment. For the quick estimation of capital and operating costs of wastewater treatment equipment. The knowledge base containing the detailed information required for problem definition, selection, sizing, costing and operation of waste water treatment plant.