- Water Treatment -

This section presents providers of high quality Water Treatment software applications that are currently available on the world market.

InfoNet Management information system for water network infrastructure - water supply, water distribution, wastewater collection, sewers and storm water

WatPro is a water treatment software package used to determine the level of inactivation, disinfectant by-product formation and water chemistry as the result of disinfectant and chemical addition. WatPro's easy-to-use interface enables one to configure a water treatment system, input unit process dimensions and run the model. Results can be viewed on the screen or printed in standard or user specified reports. Options are also available to site-specifically calibrate disinfectant reduction and disinfectant by-product formation in the water treatment system.

OTTER & GACMan. OTTER is the only dynamic simulation package for water treatment. The software is used to optimise the response of the works to operational changes such as raw water quality, plant throughput or process operating conditions. GACMan is a tool for predicting the adsorption of specific organic compounds from water by granular activated carbon (GAC). GACMan can predict the removal of pesticides and other contaminants, such as arsenic, in as many as 100 GAC filters and optimise regeneration practice.

FLOWatch Operations 2000. FLOWatch Operations 2000 software, a comprehensive package that provides data tracking & analysis for membrane plants used in water treatment and desalination. This software is mainly geared towards assisting the plant manager and plant personnel store and track crucial plant data on flows, water quality, chemicals addition and general maintenance. It also provides a centralized place for conducting data analysis, create performance charts and periodic reports.