Πρόγραμμα Ανάλυσης Υδρολογικών Συχνοτήτων

Μήπως χρειάζεται να δώσετε απαντήσεις σε ερωτήσεις όπως οι ακόλουθες;

Είναι πιθανό να επανεμφανισθεί πλημύρρα σαν και αυτή στην επόμενη δεκαετία;

Πόσο συχνά είναι πιθανό να εμφανισθεί πλημμύρα σαν και αυτή;

Τι είδους και μεγέθους πλημμύρες θα πρέπει να αναμένουμε στην συγκεκριμμένη περιοχή;

Αν ναι, τότε το WINFAP ίσως είναι δυνατό να σας δώσει τις απαντήσεις που τόσο πολύ χρειάζεστε.

The peak flow editor and histogram

WINFAP is designed for use by hydrologists, planners and consulting engineers concerned with flood alleviation works and flood risk assessment. It is menu-driven and has an easy-to-use data editor.
If you have access to a set of annual maximum flood measurements for a site, WINFAP will enable you to analyze these records and estimate the size of floods that can be expected with different frequencies of occurrence. Alternatively, if you are interested in a particular flood magnitude, you can determine how often it is likely to recur and set it in a historical context.
The package can also be used to analyze annual maxima of other environmental variables, e.g., wind speed or rainfall depth.
Data can be visualized as, and analysis results shown as, a frequency plot, a table, or a histogram. Results can be shown on the PC screen or printed to any of a wide range of printers and plotters.

Frequency and plot of ranked annual maximum event data and fitted frequency relationships.

In statistical terms, WINFAP can use, and amend, stored information about annual maximum event data in order to estimate:

The distribution and fitting methods available in WINFAP.

The range of distributions and fitting methods available within the package includes all those that have proven particularly appropriate in hydrological applications. WINFAP enables the user to study the sensitivity of estimates to particular observations. The user can also study the sensitivity of estimates to the choice of distribution and fitting method. The manual accompanying the package describes the different fitting methods and their strengths and weaknesses.


486/Pentium with 4 MB RAM and Microsoft Windows. A DOS version is also available.

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