Borehole Log Plotting for Windows

New Version 2.0 Features for WinLoG


WinLoG can be used to quickly and easily create, edit, and print borehole logs. Logs can be in color or black and white. The user-friendly graphical Windows interface displays the borehole log as it is changed and shows exactly how the log will look when printed.
Borehole logs can be quickly created, edited, and stored in individual files. Each borehole log can contain header and footer information, soil descriptions and symbols for soil layers, sample data, monitoring well data, and numerous customized graphs and text columns. Once entered, borehole logs can be copied using a toolbar button; copies can then be edited and saved to represent other boreholes on the site. WinLoG supports the importing of a wide variety of geophysical logs.
Templates are used to specify the formatting of the borehole log. Each template consists of a header, footer and several columns. Several templates are included with the program. These templates can be easily customized to display the different header and footer titles, number and type of columns, fonts, and colors. In addition, the location and size of the template information can be easily changed using the mouse. Page setup can be adjusted for orientation and paper size for each template.
Column Information: Up to 20 columns per template can be used to represent depths, elevations, soil symbols, soil descriptions, samples, well data, graphs, text, or geophysical logs. The number, order and type of columns can be easily customized for each template.
Title Information: Up to 9 footer and 15 header titles can be specified per template. Titles are displayed when entering log data.
Logo Bitmap File: Company logos can be imported into templates, sized and positioned.
Fonts: Use any Windows fonts and specify the size, color and attributes for the headers, footers, soil descriptions, and text.
Soil Type Pattern: Select soil patterns for each layer from previously defined bitmaps. Foreground and background colors can be chosen for each layer. The soil patterns can easily be customized.
Graph Data: Enter up to 10 graphs per log, with up to 50 points per graph. The depths and graphs values can be easily edited. Graphs can be used to display information such as concentrations, water contents, shear strength, resistivity, or any other measured property with depth. In addition, double graphs can be displayed which show two independent graph values with depth.
Well Data: Well information can be easily entered for each log; up to 5 wells can be entered. Depths of risors and screens and type of packing can be entered using several bitmap patterns. In addition, the background and foreground colors can be specified for each well layer. The water depth, top and bottom caps can also be represented.
Sample Information: Enter up to 50 soil samples per borehole log. Specify the depth, length, type, N-value (blows/ft) recovery and other data for each sample. The sample type and recovery can be displayed either as text or graphically. N-values can be automatically plotted as a Standard Penetration graph.
Soil Description: Enter up to 50 soil layers per log with depths and descriptions. Each soil layer can be assigned a different soil symbol which can be specified with a different font and color.
Networks: Compatible with any Windows network. Files can easily be shared across the network.


Graphical User Interface

Log Editing

Template Editing


486/Pentium running Windows 3.1 or higher with 4 MB RAM.

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