Potentially carcinogenic disinfection by-products (DBPs) are a growing concern for water utilities as regulations such as the Disinfection-Disinfection By-Product Rule impose more stringent DBP limits. In addition, compliance may be difficult and costly to achieve while maximizing disinfection efficiency for Giardia and Viruses. WatPro is a water treatment plant simulator which can be calibrated specifically for your plant and can help you manage your treatment process to balance compliance with both DBP and microbial regulations while achieving potential cost savings.

Unit Processes Include:

Disinfectant addition (CL2, CLO2, ozone, NH2CL)

Chemical addition (pH adjusting, flocculation)

Mixing tank




Clear well


Benefits Include:

Optimize water treatment processes

Minimize DBP formation

Ensure effective disinfection

Increase consumer confidence

Reduce expensive lab and pilot studies

Potential savings on disinfectant costs

Improve operator skills

Respond to changing water quality

Evaluate process changes

Facilitate regulatory changes

Real-time simulation via SCADA link

Features Include:

Site - specific model calibration

Field tested simulation models

Optional Link to SCADA system

Easy to use Windows interface

Extensive online help system

Built-in sensitivity analysis

Comprehensive documentation