WQStat Plus

Simple Environmental Statistics
NIC Environmental Division (formerly Intelligent Decision Technologies, Ltd)

This is the ideal way to quickly view, check, and graphically present your data. Stop wading through those large boxes that come from the lab. Ask for your data in electronic form and use WQStat Plus!

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WQStat Plus is designed to assist environmental professionals in the statistical evaluation of environmental media, including water, soil, and air. This package provides a wide range of statistical tests and estimation procedures that can be applied appropriately to environmental data including summary statistics, trend analyses, mean/median analyses, and excursion analyses.

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System Requirements

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WQStat Plus has a built-in translator for translating data flat files into WQStat Plus readable format. Once the data have been translated to WQStat Plus, there are a wide range of Environmental Statistics that can be applied.

Summary Statistics Include:

Censored data substitution functions include:

The trend analysis tests include:

The mean/median analysis statistical tests include:

The excursion analysis statistical tests include:

This package is an excellent choice for environmental scientists and engineers interested in statistical evaluations.

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