WasteWater Training Programę

WWTP™ is the industry’s most comprehensive, computer-based, interactive training program. Accommodating both the novice and the advanced wastewater treatment plant operator/supervisor, this training program features a simulator, which allows users to create a wastewater treatment plant and simulate "what-if" scenarios to troubleshoot situations—before they occur in real life.

WWTP™ provides in-depth coverage of the technologies, theory, disciplines, and processes needed to obtain and maintain state certification or advanced training in wastewater treatment plant operations. Animations help to visualize the operations of complex plant processes.

WWTP™ was developed by experts in the design, construction, and operation of wastewater treatment facilities. Taking full advantage of the latest multimedia technology, this training program integrates simulations, text, graphics, and stereo sound into an attractive, easy-to-use interface.

The following are the recommended hardware configurations needed to run WWTP™:

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