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Στην κατηγορία αυτή των προγραμμάτων περιλαμβάνονται προγράμματα που βοηθούν στην γενετική έρευνα, την μοριακή βιολογία, την έρευνα επιδημιών και την ιατρική εκπαίδευση. Αναλυτικά περιλαμβάνονται τα παρακάτω προγράμματα:
EaSt 2000 Egret ToxTools
Action Potential Tutorial Auxal Axon Imaging WorkBench Biology Laboratory Series Biology Tutorial Series Brain Games: An Introduction to Neuropsychology CADGene CANCERLIT Chemical Synapse Tutorial Drug Dosage Calculator EaSt 2000 Egret Enzyme Kinetics GPMAW Medical Illustrations-Anatomy Collections I & II Newroanatomy Foundations Academic Peptide Companion Protein Predictor Protein Tools RadLine Biomedical Literature (CD-ROM) RAMAS Ecological Software
  • RAMAS is software for building ecological models and for teaching ecology and environmental science. RAMAS programs incorporate species-specific data to predict the future changes in the population and assess the risk of population extinction or explosion and chances of recovery from a disturbance. All programs have user-friendly menu systems and context-sensitive, on-line help facilities. They come with detailed manuals that introduce basics of population modeling, and sample files that contain models of endangered and rare species. Results can be viewed on screen or printed, both as graphs and as numerical tables. Input data and results can be saved to disk files. RAMAS software is used at more than 1000 institutions, laboratories and government offices and by thousands of students in 40 countries worldwide. It's used by ecologists, resource managers, and population biologists who need to predict population structure and size through time and assess population and species extinction risks.
    Programs offered are the following:

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    ToxLine Plus (CD-ROM) ToxTools Scan Analysis SimLife STELLA II Think Tank ToxTools

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