Protein ToolsTM

The Protein Tools Software Package was designed for all biochemists working with proteins and peptides. The package consists of three parts: a main Protein Tools sequence editor, amino acid analysis software - AAA Fit, and pI Calculation application that can help to predict the isoelectric point of a designed protein. Protein Tools helps to interpret and organize data in an orderly and clear fashion.

Protein Tools, is essentially a protein sequence editor. With the click of the mouse the application displays coordinates of the selected subsequence, mono isotopic and average masses, and user defined properties (e.g. Bull and Breese hydrophobicity index, HPLC elution index. etc.). Protein sequences can be imported from many existing data base files, and in addition uncoded or modified amino acids (e.g. norleucine, phospho-serine, etc.) can be defined and used for a variety of calculations. Proteins Tools automatically tracks amino acid composition, finds desired sequence motifs, finds peptides with the expected masses and many more. The application can generate a list of the peptides when cleaved with proteolytic enzymes or other user defined cleaving agents utilizing the peptide smart function. Also, Proteins Tools can generate a list of MS/MS sequence ions which together with other utilities is very helpful in the identification of a peptide and its modifications. The Protein Tools sequence editor is interfaced with two other applications AAFit and pI Calculation.

The Protein Tools Software Package was designed to be easy to use and to save time. Protein Tools is an essential tool for protein chemists. (Requires Windows 3.1, 95, 98 or NT)