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CoPlot's Drawing Objects
(for technical drawings like genetic maps, field maps, flow charts,
apparatus diagrams, circuit diagrams, and chemical structures)

CoPlot's versatile drawing objects make it easy to create precise technical drawings. Although there are just a few types of drawing objects, each object has a large number of attributes which you can edit. The result is that each type of drawing object can be used in many different ways.

To use CoPlot, you:


The types of drawing objects are:


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Sample Drawings

The features of CoPlot described above (different types of drawing objects, text tags, and special characters) combine to make it easy to make a broad range of technical drawings. Here are some examples.

Electrical Schematics - Because electrical symbols are in one of the groups of special characters, it easy to draw electrical schematics. Here are the electrical symbols and a simple schematic drawing:

entity3.gif circuit.gif

Chemical Structures - CoPlot isn't specifically designed for drawing chemical structures, but it has some features which make it pretty easy to do. One of the lessons in the program describes how to do it.


Landscape Designs - CoPlot has a font with landscape symbols, which simplifies the process of making landscape designs and field maps.


Field Maps and Groups - In CoPlot, you can assign drawing objects to different groups and you can control whether different groups are visible or not. Thus you can make field maps where the map is in a background group and the crop history for each year is stored in a different foreground group (which you can make visible or not).


Here are some other drawings made with CoPlot.

modem.gif pchem.gif crt.gif

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