T*SOL – now available in Version 4.02 – has been developed to assist engineers and professional solar and water heating specialists in the planning, design and simulation of solar thermal heating systems. By varying the system parameters it is possible to design the optimum system for the actual external conditions and to project the system yields.

T*SOL supports the work of solar thermal professionals by answering important questions such as:

  • What is the optimal collector surface area and tank volume?
  • Under what conditions would a given system work more efficiently with evacuated tube collectors rather than flat plate collectors with selective coating?
  • What advantages would a two tank system have over a one tank system under varying conditions?
  • What temperatures will the hot water tank(s) reach in summer?
  • How would a change in hot water consumption effect the solar yield?
The standard T*SOL version contains the most commonly used system configurations.

To integrate an indoor or outdoor swimming pool into a solar system an additional T*SOL Swimming Pool Module is available. This provides the yield of the solar system for the swimming pool, the pool temperature at any specified time and, if required, the additional energy needed to keep the pool temperature at a desired level.

The SysCat Module supports the calculation of large-scale solar systems.


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