What is GPS-X?
Wastewater Process Libraries
Technical Specifications


The modular nature of GPS-X means that you purchase only those capabilities you need at the present time, while still retaining the option of expanding in the future as your needs change. This ensures that your time and financial resources are invested wisely.


Is the foundation for all modelling and simulation features found in GPS-X. Simulator permits the simulation of the more than 50 pre-compiled layouts included with GPS-X, and all custom-designed layouts.


Automates the task of performing sensitivity analyses on model parameters in either steady state or dynamic simulations. For example, you may want to develop an operational chart showing the extent of nitrification versus the sludge age or temperature.


Use GPS-X's powerful graphical interface to create your own plant layouts or modify existing process flow diagrams.


Assists you in optimizing your plant operations. For example, you may want to determine the best air flow distribution in an activated sludge tank, to optimize effluent quality and minimize aeration costs. You can also use Optimizer to automate the model calibration process, where one or more parameters are fine-tuned so that the predicted and measured data fit more closely.

Dynamic Parameter Estimator

Continuously updates model calibration with the most recent plant information. When connected on-line to your plant, parameter values are tracked to detect changes that give early warning of sensor malfunction or a potential plant upset.

Respirogram Evaluator

Automatically extracts all relevant information contained in a respirogram. A respirogram is a measurement of bacterial activity in activated sludge under well-defined conditions. This enables you to more accurately calibrate your plant model.

Advanced Control - MATLAB Interface

Combines the speed, power, and sophisticated process models of GPS-X with the flexibility and controller design capabilities of Matlab. You have total control over which GPS-X outputs are sent to Matlab, and which GPS-X variables are controlled by Matlab. This allows you to concentrate on fine-tuning your controller design, dramatically improving your productivity.

Scenario Manager

Designed as a tool for running simulations of specific pre-defined operational scenarios using a simple intuitive ''VCR'' like interface. Allows your plant staff to quickly make day-to-day decisions about plant operations using pre-configured GPS-X layouts and operating scenarios.

GPS-X Scenario Manager
Familiar ''VCR-like'' feel of Scenario Manager interface gives your operators a powerful tool for evaluating various operational scenarios