PIPE-FLOŽ Professional

PIPE-FLO Professional is the premium product of fluid flow software to design, analyze, and troubleshoot new or existing fluid piping systems. PIPE-FLO Professional enables you to draw the piping system, design individual pipelines, calculate pressures & flow rates, select pumps, size control valves and flow meters. PIPE-FLO Professional uses engineering data tables on disk to look up common design data for fluid properties, pipe sizes, and valve coefficients.

  • Draw your system using a flow sheet format with no size limits
  • Design pipelines using pipe, valve, and fluid electronic data tables
  • Select pumps using electronic manufacturers' catalogs
  • Visualize how different pipelines, components, pumps and controls work as a system
  • Troubleshoot the system to identify, isolate and correct problem areas

"PIPE-FLO Professional ties together the concept of hydraulic systems from piping to pumps to controls. It gives me a system approach to piping analysis without having to use two or three different tools. With PIPE-FLO Professional, I can see directly what my results are, quickly modify the system, and easily perform multiple 'what-if' types of analyses."
         Jim Vinson, Rohm and Haas

With the PIPE-FLO Professional you can:

DESIGN - With No Program Size Limits! The FLO-Sheet enables you to draw your system with easy to use CAD-like drawing tools in a familiar flow sheet format. To modify pipelines, pumps, and components, just point, click and make virtually any change! Pressures and flow rates that exceed your pre-defined limits are highlighted on the FLO-Sheet to call your attention to potential problems. In addition to the big picture view, you can use the pan and zoom features to focus on the smaller details.

Click on the image to view the flow sheet

Click on the image to view the pump curve

ANALYZE -See How the Pieces Work Together!PIPE-FLO Professional shows how different components work within your new or existing piping system, allowing you to visualize how your system operates. Using manufacturers' electronic catalogs you'll be able to choose the most efficient pump or control valve for your system, thus minimizing your operating cost.

TROUBLESHOOT - Evaluate the Entire System! When troubleshooting a piping project, you must have the power to look at the whole system in order to identify and isolate the problem areas. Unlike other piping design programs on the market today, PIPE-FLO Professional gives you the power to evaluate the operation of your entire system, including pumps, control valves and other components. PIPE-FLO Professional is the only program that allows you to fix your trouble spots using actual manufacturers' electronic catalogs.

Click to view components in a system