PUMP-FLO is the perfect tool to select, evaluate, and analyze centrifugal pumps using manufacturers' supplied electronic pump catalogs. Proper pump selection is one of the most important tasks when designing a piping system. With PUMP-FLO you can be sure that the desired pump meets your systems requirements for optimum efficiency, minimizing maintenance and operating costs.

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"We use PUMP-FLO with pump selection and pricing software from Goulds and Gorman Rupp. We are also beginning to use it extensively for our internal pump configuration programs to improve our customer response time."

Lou Kuffel
Beckwith Kuffel Co.

With PUMP-FLO you can:

Select your pump - With PUMP-FLO you enter the design point (the design point can be calculated in PIPE-FLO), then select a pump manufacturer's catalog. Pump catalogs on disk are available from a wide variety of manufacturers. Once the manufacturer's catalog is open, PUMP-FLO displays the pump types and speeds available. After entering your selection criteria, the program searches the catalog on disk and displays a list of pumps meeting your needs. The pump selection list can be sorted by pump size, efficiency, NPSHr, and maximum power draw to simplify your comparison.

Evaluate pump operation - PUMP-FLO displays the pump curve showing the pump head, efficiency, horsepower, and NPSHr as a function of flow rate. You can inquire from the curve to determine the pump's operation for a given flow rate or head value. The system resistance curve can also be displayed on the pump curve.

Analyze your pump - PUMP-FLO displays the pump curve for multiple pumps running in either series or parallel operation. PUMP-FLO also calculates the pump's operating cost using both fixed and variable speed pump drives. This aids in determining if there is economic justification for a variable speed drive. The program automatically makes viscosity corrections to the pump curve when needed. All stages of the selection process are documented with printed reports. PUMP-FLO prints curves in a data sheet format as well as a full page pump curve.