PORFLOW is a comprehensive computer program for simulation of transient or steady state flow, heat, salinity and mass transport in multi-phase, variably saturated, porous or fractured media with dynamic phase change. The geometry may be 2D or 3D, Cartesian or cylindrical, the porous/fractured media may be anisotropic and heterogeneous, arbitrary sources of sinks (injection or pumping wells) may be present and, chemical reactions or radioactive decay may take place. It accommodates alternate fluid and media property relations and boundary conditions. Multiphase fluid flow, heat and mass transport in fractured porous media

Example of injection of fresh water in a cold aquifer
Example of a study of leakage from a gaz pipe
Presentation of the geometry
The software allows to obtain speed, temperature and pression fields, chemical and radioactiv concentrations at each time step on the whole study's area.

Example of flow of fresh water aquifer into the sea

Example of an infiltration
in heterogenous soil
PORFLOW is a highly modular program which has been applied to a wide range of practical problems in petrochemical, hydrological, geological, nuclear and chemical industry applications. Typical petrochemical industry application include ground water pollution and resource management, disposal and management of hazardous wastes, environmental impact of hot or cold pipes buried in geologic media, thawing/freezing of permafrost in terrestrial or marine environment, flow in porous beds, formation of geologic basins, and a range of reservoir engineering problems. A demonstration is available.
3D study of leakage from a gas pipe
Flow of fresh water aquifer into the sea
Flow in a fracture system
Injection of hot water in a cold aquifer
2-D Infiltration in Heterogeneous soil
New version 3.xx of PORFLOW includes :

Non orthogonal geometry
Colocated velocities
Enhanced output options
Enhanced user functions
Unlimited number of transport equations

PORFLOW is used by ANDRA (Agence Nationale pour la gestion des Déchets RAdioactifs).