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Publication-Quality Results
(using CoPlot's "File : Save As" to save drawings in .eps, .gif,
.jpg, .pdf, .png, .svg, .wmf, and other types of graphics files)

CoPlot's goal is to help you create publication-quality scientific graphs, maps, and drawings. We know you are careful and precise when you create your drawings on the screen. So when you use "File : Save As" to save your drawing in some other type of graphics file (for publication in a journal or for publishing on the web), CoPlot is especially careful to faithfully reproduce every detail of the drawing. In particular, CoPlot's special features (for example, tags for formatting text and special characters) will be accurately reproduced in the graphics file.

CoPlot's "File : Save As" supports several types of graphics files so that you can export the drawing to other programs or put the drawing on a web site:

Image (Raster) Files

Vector Files

File : Open

If you combine CoPlot's "File : Open" options with the "File : Save As" options, you can convert graphics files from one file type to another. For example, you could open a .pcx image and save it as a .gif image. Of course, you can use CoPlot's drawing objects to edit and annotate the drawings after you open them and before you save them.

Here are the types of files you can open with CoPlot's "File : Open":

Image (Raster) Files

Vector files store a description of the drawing in terms of lines, filled areas, and text.

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