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A New Look - An Easier Way

CapdetWorks sports a completely new user interface. This interface provides an easy to use drag and drop interface that makes designing a treatment system a snap!

Building a Layout in CapdetWorks is as easy as 1-2-3

Don't Reinvent It - Improve It

The tabbed notebook approach and object oriented data entry method were selected to provide the user with the most intuitive interface possible. By simply right clicking on any of the process icons all of the parameters for that process can be readily edited.

CapdetWorks Drawing Board

"Do I have to enter all that data!" - Well only some of it

No one likes data entry. CapdetWorks has been set-up with intelligent defaults that minimize the number of data items that are required. On occasions when a new data value has been entered, CapdetWorks highlights these values right on the data entry forms so that they can be easily seen. In addition, the default value for any data entry item is only a mouse click away. When a number of design alternatives are to be evaluated often much of the design information needs to be kept constant between the different treatment plant alternatives. This system is provided for automatically in CapdetWorks. When a process layout is duplicated all of the data is linked to the original layout. Now any changes made in the original process are reflected in the copied layout. Of course this feature can be turned off for occasions when different data is required at the new process. Flexible unit selection is available on each and every data item that also minimizes having to convert data from one set of units to another. You can mix and match Metric, U.S and imperial units on the same data entry form.

Flexible Data Entry screen.

Can I Customize equipment costs? - You Bet

CapdetWorks provides a very flexible method of managing equipment costs. Data can be entered into the CapdetWorks database for any number of different geographic regions. New locales are customized from the existing data and then tied to a specific layout. This allows the user to evaluate the same design in different regions. In addition user specified cost data for each piece of equipment is brought up-to-date by using standard engineering cost indices that are provided as part of the design evaluation.

View Results, Print Reports and more

CapdetWorks provides interactive data review tables, printed output as well as report export that gives the ultimate in reviewing the results. Design tables provides a summary of the construction costs the operation and maintenance requirements as well as chemical and energy costs of the processes evaluated.

Viewing the results of the costing model
Detailed printed reports can be printed from the software directly or saved in standard spreadsheet import format so that they can be readily imported into other software packages like Microsoft Excel.

Great looking printed reports

How about my own design?

Sometimes the output design from a design program needs to be fine tuned or modified. A treatment plant design may have been determined by using a dynamic simulation program like GPS-X. In this case, you may want to base your design it's suggested values. This is a snap with CapdetWorks. The program estimates the numbers and sizes of tanks and then with a simple switch allows the user to override or fine-tune the design. }
Override the design with your own preferences

What types of processes are available in CapdetWorks?

CapdetWorks provides over 60 liquid handling and sludge handling unit processes. In cases where a process is not availble, a built-in user customizable black box process is available for inlcusion in any design.

Wastewater Treatment Process List:
Preliminary Treatment

Preliminary Treatment
Primary Clarification
Raw Sewagw and Intermediate Pumping

Chemical Treatment

Anion Exchange
Carbon Adsorption
Cation Exchange
Two-Stage Lime Treatment

Activated Sludge

Complete Mix Activated Sludge
Contact Stabilization Activated Sludge
Denitrification - Suspended Growth
Extended Aeration Activated Sludge
Aerated Lagoon
High Rate Activated Sludge
Nitrification - Suspended Growth
Oxidation Ditch
Plug Flow Activated Sludge
Step Aeration Activated Sludge
Post Aeration
Pure Oxygen Activated Sludge

Attached Growth

Nitrifying and Non-Nitrifying Rotating Biological Contactor
Nitrifying and Non-Nitrifying Trickling Filter
Dintrification - Attached Growth

Land Treatment

Rapid Land Infiltration Process
Slow Infiltration Land Treatment
Overland Flow Land Treatment

Biological Nutrient Removal

Biological Nitrogen Removal
Biological Nutrient Removal - 2 Stage
Biological Nutrient Removal - 3/5 Stage


Ultra-Violet Disinfection

Others Wastewater Treatment Liquid Train Processes

Counter Current Ammonia Stripping
Cross Current Ammonia Stripping
Secondary Clarifier
User Black-Box Wastewater Process

Sludge Treatment and Handling Process List:
Sludge Treatment

Aerobic Digestion
Wet Oxidation
Anaerobic Digestion
User Black-Box Sludge Process

Sludge De-watering

Sludge Drying Lagoons
Belt Filtration
Dryings Beds
Sludge Flotation
Vacuum Filtration
Gravity Thickening
Filter Press

Sludge Disposal

Fluidized Bed Incineration
Hauling and Land Filling
Multiple Hearth Incineration

Customization and Training

CapdetWorks has been designed with the ultimate in flexibility. Our customization team is ready and able to add new processes or design guidelines to CapdetWorks. These custom processes can then be used within the program exactly like the built in processes. Training can be provided on the use of the software in either our brand new training facility or at your own location. Please contact us for details.

CapdetWorks "The Best way to get preliminary design and costing of wastewater treatment facilities"